Customer Promise

  • Customer Promise

    Our promise to you

JT is proud of its local heritage and having served Islanders for over 130 years, our goal is to make a real difference and genuine contribution to our Islands and to their economies. A fundamental part of realising this is to ensure we place the customer at the heart of our organisation and consider their needs in all we do.

We recognise that there is always more we can do to improve our service standards and listen to customers. Our newly re-published Customer Promise is one example of the measures we are putting in place. Through our clearer Customer Promise, we aim to share three things:

  • The main services we provide to our customers.
  • How to contact us about these services.
  • What to do if you have a complaint.
If you purchase a product or order a service from us

Our promise is:

To offer you a great service, value for money and a‘no quibble’ return policy.
If you have a service affecting fault on your landline, broadband or mobile service

Our promise is:

To fix your service affecting fault within 2 Working Days after the day of it being reported.
If you order a landline and/or broadband service

Our promise is:

To connect your landline or broadband service within 15 Working Days (or on a preferred action date if requested outside of the 15 Working Days).

If you have an enquiry, complaint or compliment

Our promise is:

To respond to any general enquiry you make via email within 2 Working Days and posts to Facebook and our Twitter feeds within 8 working hours.*

We aim to answer 80% of calls within 40 seconds.**

To respond to any complaint or compliment you make within 2 Working Days.

* This excludes any malicious, offensive or spam calls, emails or social posts. ** We will normally keep records for three years after a customer disagreement or complaint.
If you are experiencing higher bills than normal

Our promise is:

To take appropriate steps to alert you when you are reaching and/or have used your data usage allowance.

To provide a JT Mobile App so you can actively monitor your usage.

To work with you to discuss and offer you a repayment plan which will allow you to split payment over several months.

To do everything possible to avoid disconnecting your telephone service.

Our promises to our customers