JT awarded for commitment to innovation

JT awarded for commitment to innovation

Channel Islands telecom company JT has been named on a national stage as Innovation Partner of the Year by Mitel, a global market leader in business communications services.

JT was chosen as Innovation Partner of the Year ahead of many other UK & Ireland leading businesses after not only setting up its own state-of-the-art Mitel Contact centre but also for completing a world-class, multi-dimensional and complex migration process of IT systems for the Government of Guernsey. The accolade has further strengthened JT’s reputation as a leading telecoms company, achieving the ultimate recognition within Mitel’s award-winning partner programme.

JT achieved Mitel’s highest level of accreditation two years ago, when it was awarded Platinum Partner status, a partner level that is only given to a select few. JT is the only technology company in the Channel Islands that has been granted that status.

Rob King, IT and Facilities Manager, Healthspan, said: “We take 3,000 calls a day, and there was absolutely no downtime in terms of those phones ringing from one day being in the office to the next when those agents were working from home. We had the backup of JT’s people to help us and be on hand at that changeover to answer any questions. Most of our staff are still working from home and want to continue to do so and I think if the technology or functionality wasn’t right there certainly wouldn’t be that high percentage of staff wanting to do that.”

JT also worked with Mitel to update the Government of Jersey’s communications systems and enabled leading online supplements business, Healthspan, to move its call centre agents from the office to their homes without interruption to their services.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director, JT Channel Islands, said: “Thanks to the ongoing partnership with Mitel, JT continues to push ahead with innovative products, providing exceptional services to business customers all over the world. That comes with hard work and commitment from our team who work closely with our partners at Mitel to provide a high level of service to our customers. Mitel rightly demand exacting standards and to go beyond those is an amazing achievement.”

Nick Riggott, Country Sales Director from Mitel, added: “JT have always represented a true partnership with Mitel, and this award is testimony to the collaboration, creativity and engagement we share. It’s one thing to develop world class enterprise communication solutions, but it’s another thing to really make them come to life. JT have delivered solutions from the broad scope of the Mitel portfolio, providing quality, secure and reliable solutions for their customers without compromise in any way.”

Employee Recognition goes digital with JT All-stars

JT has launched a new digital initiative that gives their people the opportunity to recognise and reward team members across all locations and in real-time for delivering on the company’s strengths.

With a passion for people and a drive for digital innovation, JT set about creating an easy to use, digital platform, that was managed by their own people, and was simple and engaging.

The new JT All-Stars recognition platform gives everyone the ability to thank their peers, colleagues and co-workers, and also gives Managers the option to allocate points that can be redeemed from an extensive range of prizes.

Having launched the scheme less than a month ago, already over 85% of JT’s 586 strong global team have activated their accounts, with over 1,000 peer recognitions being made.

This latest scheme is just one of a few digital initiatives being launched by JT resulting directly from listening to employee feedback. It’s part of the company’s innovative culture and drive to building an inclusive working environment, where people are encouraged to have a voice, so everyone feels valued and heard. So now, when a co-worker does something great, they can share that moment with the whole team or business by sending them a recognition in real time.

Laura Belo, JT’s Head of HR, said: “We’re so proud of our people and everything we achieve together, but what’s really special is seeing people taking the time to thank and reward each other. This new platform not only puts our people first it empowers them to create positive business outcomes and sustainable performance. Simple acts of kindness can go a long way and we’re thrilled with both the adoption rate and feedback from our people so far.”

Telecoms & postal services to be made free to support Ukraine

JT and Jersey Post are working together to support Islanders who have relatives and friends in Ukraine.

As of 1st March 2022, all fixed and mobile calls and SMS messages from the Channel Islands to numbers in Ukraine will be free.

Meanwhile, Jersey Post will waive postage charges for mail addressed to Ukraine from today.

Pip Carpenter, Head of Consumer Market at JT, said: “We have all seen the deeply disturbing images and news coming from Ukraine and our hearts go out to the people caught up in this tragedy. We want to do what we can to help and, working with Jersey Post and others, we hope by making phone calls free will support those who are trying to contact and stay in touch with friends and loved ones.”

David McGrath, Group Marketing Director from Jersey Post, said: “As both JT and ourselves are in a position to help, we started working on how to make this happen over the weekend. Keeping in touch with people at moments like this are vital, and we will do all we can to help those caught up in these tragic events.”

Mail should be hand-delivered to both Broad Street Post Office and Rue des Pres Post Office for processing by Jersey Post.

JT partners with Sky Mobile to protect customers from fraud

JT partners with Sky Mobile to protect customers from fraud

JT has partnered with Sky Mobile, voted Uswitch Best Pay Monthly and Best Value Pay Monthly network, to  provide additional  security for its millions of customers when carrying out financial transactions on their mobile device.

By partnering with JT’s Fraud Protection Services (FPS) Sky Mobile can help UK Banks’ fraud detection systems  to query valuable network information, providing an extra level of security to Sky Mobile’s customers  against SIM swap fraud. Criminals use SIM swap fraud to gain access to bank accounts by hijacking one time pass codes sent to mobile phones.

Once triggered by the bank, JT’s  system, in conjunction with Sky Mobile,  can carry out  a seamless background check to verify whether the SIM has been swapped on the customer’s phone, a key indicator of potential fraud and prevents criminals from stealing customers’ identities.

By working with mobile and virtual network operators globally, JT’s Fraud Protection Services provides the broadest coverage possible to prevent criminals from stealing customers’ identities. The service is already widely used by banks and businesses throughout the UK and around the world, providing additional security and peace of mind.

Clare Messenger, Head of Fraud Protection Services at JT, said: “SIM Swap Fraud is on the rise around the world and on average a customer loses £2,500 when a successful fraud is carried out. JT’s Fraud Protection Services provide an enhanced level of security when customers are making payments or using other sensitive information. What’s different about JT’s FPS platform is that it takes away the complexity of using multiple arrangements with mobile operators to create a single system to quickly verify transactions. We are delighted that our innovative services have been trusted by a leading brand like Sky Mobile to provide that extra confidence that their customers are protected against this type of fraud.”

Paul Taylor, Managing Director, JT International said: “The pandemic transformed our world in so many ways and one of those was increasing our reliance on using mobile phones to access the internet as part of our everyday lives. Fraudsters saw opportunities to use sophisticated techniques to target system vulnerabilities and we at JT International have been working hard to provide the necessary extra layers of protection to identify and prevent potential fraud.”

Paul Sweeney, Managing Director, Sky Mobile said: “With SIM swap fraud on the rise, it’s important to us that Sky Mobile customers are kept safe, which is why we’ve partnered with JT FPS to provide them with an additional level of protection and peace of mind.”

JT partnership with leading tech company helps with global supply issues

JT is doing its bit for the planet while also providing its business clients with a solution to the ongoing global supply chain problems and shortage of components thanks to their Cisco Premier Partner status.

Businesses that are facing difficulty replacing equipment such as phones, routers and security products are being offered re-manufactured digital equipment by JT through its Cisco Refresh service. Re-manufactured equipment saves resources and reduces waste by breathing new life into old or used products.

As part of JT’s commitment to addressing increasing environmental pressures in its 10-year Sustainability Strategy, the company is working with its partner Cisco, one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of digital services and equipment, to repurpose and reuse legacy kit under their circular economy pillar.

Katie Corbett, Director of Enterprise and Business Services, said: “Many islanders will know how hard it can be at times to buy items such as games consoles due to a global shortage of components, such as computer chips. It’s the same for businesses trying to upgrade or replace essential equipment. The solution we’re offering means our customers can avoid supply chain disruptions whilst also being able to buy sustainable products that have a low carbon footprint. Business customers get the same warranty protection and support that they would with brand new products, but it gives us the opportunity to service them faster, in a more  sustainable and cost effective way. The feedback so far has been fantastic and we’re excited to help and support more businesses in the same way going into 2022.”

Jersey’s future engineering given a helping hand by JT

JT has teamed up with the UK’s leading engineering scholarship programme to encourage more young islanders to gain a head start with their careers in engineering and technology. The telecoms company is sponsoring two Jersey A Levels students, Annabel Mair, Jersey College for Girls and Eden Powell, Victoria College, who have each been awarded a prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship following a rigorous selection process which began with their teachers recommending them for the scheme.

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship programme has been running for over 30 years and has granted over 6,000 scholarships with 45% of those awarded in 2021 being to female students. The scheme has helped thousands of young people across the UK and Channel Islands to achieve their dream of a career in engineering, computing or technical design at university or through a higher-level apprenticeship.

It’s open to all 16-year-olds across the UK and Channel Islands, with each student being sponsored by an employer, institution, trust or private donor. Being the only Channel Island sponsor this year, JT is also offering work experience opportunities to the two students awarded the Scholarships as it continues to encourage and support more young people to get involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.

Annabel Mair, said: ‘’I am so grateful for this scholarship and thrilled to be given the chance to work with JT over the next few years. Having always loved the problem solving and creative aspects of engineering, I am keen to find a career that I am passionate about with the vital support that I am being provided by Arkwright. I am eager to gather as much advice as I can from the wide range of professionals and mentors at JT and plan to make the most out of this incredible opportunity.’’

Eden Powell, said: ‘’I am fascinated by how engineering can be used to solve many diverse medical problems, resulting in incredible innovations such as 3D printed organs, advanced prosthetics and pioneering wearable devices. Having the support to develop my engineering interests from both my school and from a business such as JT, puts me in a fortunate position to make the most of the opportunities the Arkwright Scholarship presents.’’

Nicola Reeves, JT Group HR Director, said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer the first JT Arkwright Engineering Scholarships and hope that Annabel and Eden will inspire other young people to look at the breadth of exciting roles available. The process they went through, once they had been put forward by their teachers, included an exam and interview which really helps to prepare them for what it will be like when they apply for roles in the future. It’s our hope that by working with local students from an early age, it will demonstrate the many opportunities for home grown local talent at JT, building strong relationships with schools and students across the islands as we support our future innovators in engineering as they look to engineer a better world.”

The jolliest virtual experience as Santa connects with Channel Island children

Santa is again inviting families to safely enjoy a much loved Christmas tradition by connecting virtually with children across the Channel Islands, using a little help from the local JT Elves.

Last year, due to restrictions on gatherings, Santa was sadly unable to make his usual visit to the JT shops and instead, with the help of his most technically able assistant, Elfie, he chatted to children just after breakfast on Sunday mornings in the run up to Christmas. The North Pole live streams were so popular that Santa and Elfie didn’t need any persuading from Mrs Claus to set aside time this year to meet the islands children online again, direct from Santa’s Grotto in the North Pole.  Elfie is so excited and Santa has been practising by having regular online meetings with the JT Elves, so there’s not much he’s not aware of.

Tamara O’Brien, Group Head of Marketing, Brand and Customer Experience, said: “What could be more magical than seeing and talking to Santa, it’s one of the most memorable experiences children can have at Christmas. So when Elfie got in touch with us to help enhance Santa’s home Wi-Fi  we jumped at the chance.  Thanks to JT’s Total Wi-fi we’ve made sure local children didn’t miss out on seeing him. Like everyone else, Santa has had to adapt, but he’s been around for a long time and has seen many changes.  My daughter and I will definitely be tuned in again as we love to hear him reading out everyone’s messages”.

Parents and children will be able to type their questions and present requests live on the Facebook stream and, with the help of Elfie, Santa will answer questions, play some games and may even share some secrets about the Reindeers.

There is no need to book. Simply register your interest via Facebook Live events on the JTsocial page. Reminders and updates will be sent to everyone who registers.

JT takes its place in the fight against global fraud

JT’s innovative Fraud Protection Services combines data and technology in the fight against fraud and financial crime, saving businesses and their customers millions as fraudsters step up their attempts to breach accounts.

Although stricter online security measures are making it harder for criminals,  the compromise of personal and financial data remains a significant problem for many businesses as they seek to protect their customers from scams.

There has been a worldwide increase in SIM card fraud – an account take over, where control is transferred from a genuine SIM card to one controlled by criminals. To combat this JT International developed a detection service, now widely used by international banks and leading businesses in the UK and around the world,  giving them the ability to automatically check if the identity of the person attempting to make a transaction is genuine.

One bank that’s using JT’s Fraud Protection Service (FPS) says the advanced technology is preventing an estimated loss of $100,000 every time a SIM swap fraud is detected.

By working with mobile network operators around the world, JT’s Fraud Protection Services is preventing criminal gangs from targeting call centres in their attempts to steal customers’ credentials to buy goods, access bank accounts or move and transfer money.

Clare Messenger, Head of Fraud Protection Services at JT, said: “Fraud is on the rise and with people more reliant on digital and mobile phone services, criminal organisations have been quick to exploit certain weaknesses. One such weakness identified as a prime area where account takeovers can occur is within call centres, a facility that is seen in many industries. At JT we have built strong relationships with network operators globally which means we can use our unique Fraud Protection Service to check customer credentials in milli-seconds, giving our customers peace of mind that their customers are swiftly protected without any drop in customer experience – a seamless, yet reassuring service.”

Paul Taylor, Managing Director, JT International said: “JT is well known for creating innovative products and services, and for some years now we have been building up our Fraud Protection Services, becoming the ‘go to’ partner for many leading finance houses and other service providers around the world. Fraud crosses all sectors, using real-time checks can speed up the time it takes to onboard customers, identifying possible problems while fast-tracking those that have passed the checks.  Our services can also be used throughout the lifecycle of a customer, continuing to provide ongoing insight that will help combat fraud.’’

JT’s frontline teams shine at National Customer Experience Awards

JT’s focus on customer care and customer experience (CX) during the COVID-19 pandemic shone through at a national awards event last week, where JT’s team were awarded Gold in the ‘Customer Experience in the Crisis’ category.

JT were up against strong global entries from much larger companies, like TalkTalk and Pharmacy2U. The judges decided JT’s commitment to meeting the unprecedented demand for fast and reliable connectivity to every household during the pandemic made it a worthy winner.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director JT Channel Islands, said: “COVID-19 has challenged everyone, and our first priority was to always keep our customers connected. We were acutely aware of how reliant the whole community was on our infrastructure and services, so we worked quickly to support customers when they needed us most.  Measures like introducing free landline calls, upgrading our broadband network to 1GB/s at no extra cost and removing charging if customers went over their usage limits, were quickly put in place to ensure people stayed connected. I am really proud of how our teams have worked together and that they have been recognised in this way, as they too have found things very challenging during these extraordinary times.”

JT was also a finalist in the ‘CX in the Community’ and ‘Business Change Transformation’ categories, and also won Silver in ‘The Best Use of Insight and Feedback – Customers Voice’, beating insurance giants Vitality and broadband provider Swish Fibre.

Tamara O’Brien, Group Head of Corporate Communications, Brand & CX, added: ‘It’s fantastic to see our people’s total commitment to our customers, their colleagues and our wider community has shone through on a national stage, up against world class global companies such as TalkTalk and Pharmacy2U.

Our people were incredibly swift to adapt our services based on what our customers needed and to use the customer insight and data we had to help us support them.  This recognition underlines how important continuing to listen to our customers and evolving the service and experience we provide is.”

To see all the winners see : https://cxa.co.uk/winners-and-finalists-2021

Scouts use JT technology

Scouts use JT technology to make activities safer and more fun

Adventurous activities for young people in Jersey have been made safer and more challenging thanks to modern GPS-led SMART technology donated by JT.

Scout leaders from two island Scout groups are now using handheld devices powered by JT SIMs that send them data that enables them to monitor their troops from a safe distance during expeditions, hikes and bicycle rides.

This provides an extra layer of safety when the Scouts – who are aged from 10 to 14 – take part in activities that are aimed at developing teamwork, navigation skills and problem solving.

Dan O’Connor, Scout Leader, 23rd Jersey Scout Group, said: “We’ve recently been introduced to GPS tracking by a Scout leader from another group, and thanks to JT’s help both groups can now use this to deliver a more challenging programme.  Our Scouts are eager to get outdoors and to face challenges. They want to make their own decisions. This technology allows us to create activities which are exciting but also safe, where the perceived level of danger is much higher than the actual level of risk. The Scouts are developing independence, resilience and teamwork skills, but they’re also having fun.  We can track exactly where each group is and how fast they’re moving, allowing us to supervise them from a safe distance and provide help only if it becomes necessary. This gives them a greater sense of freedom and responsibility, not to mention the huge sense of accomplishment and confidence boost they get from completing a task without any adult help.”

Tom Noel, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, added: “Scouting is very popular in Jersey, but it’s reliant on the people who volunteer their time as leaders to provide fun and challenging activities for the island’s youth. With many of our own JT people actively involved in the scout movement we wanted to find a way we could use our digital expertise and network to help evolve practical activities. By using JT SIMs, leaders can link the small GPS trackers the Scouts take with them to provide real time positioning so they can see where they are on a map. The scouting motto is Be Prepared’ and I think this is a fantastic way to help our young people learn important life skills and show great teamwork and leadership. They can plan and execute each outing, while their leaders can ensure they are comfortable, warm, safe and, most of all, prepared to face the unexpected — but safe in the knowledge that if needed, they can step in to support.”