JT App Silver Award

Silver success for innovative local App

JT’s free My Account customer app, the only one of its kind in the Channel Islands, has been awarded the silver award in the Best App category at the recent UK Digital Experience Awards 2019 (UKDXA) – coming second to BT’s entry and ahead of Manchester United’s football App.

The JT team led by Dominic Vye, Head of Commercial Development, attended the awards held in London on Friday 12 July. “The team were already so pleased to have been shortlisted but being awarded silver in such a competitive category which included national household names is a really fantastic achievement for both the team and our customers, who have helped us to build it,” said Dominic.

Now in its 5th year, the UK Digital Experience Awards (UKDXA) celebrate the ways in which today’s digital technology is used to enhance customer experience. The awards provide a platform for organisations and individuals to celebrate the partnerships they have formed and be rewarded for their digital innovation and customer-centric culture.

The JT My Account App was built locally, in-house, by JT’s team of software developers working together with Hollis Consulting. The App‘s success is thanks to a collaboration with JT’s own customers who provided the feedback that initiated the idea and continued to help via research panels and surveys throughout the development process. The result of working together with JT’s own customers is an App which provides a way for them to manage their services and view their bills on mobile devices, giving them the freedom and flexibility to monitor and control their account, when and where they need to. JT’s App has now been downloaded over 40,000 times with over 32% of JT customers now actively using it daily.

JT customers continue to play a leading role in the evolution and improvement of the App design and functionality, ensuring new trends and needs are considered. The App now includes live chat which allows customers to interact directly with the JT team and contact them to resolve queries faster than ever before. The simple and easy-to-use App has resulted in customer bill queries reducing by over 50% and has also had a positive contribution to JT’s commitment to the environment by reducing the need for paper bills by 62%.

“The interaction we have with our customers remains hugely important to the success of the JT My Account App, without them this would not have been possible. Being recognised by DXA is a testament to the relationship our teams have developed with our customers, so a big thank you to them for their continued support,” said Dominic.

JT Annual Review

2018: a milestone year for ‘Fibre Island’

JT has today published its Annual Review for 2018, describing a year when the Group laid solid foundations for future growth; both in terms of the completion of the full-fibre network in Jersey, and investment in its growing International business.

Overall, JT’s gross profit increased from £92.0m (2017) to £94.5m (2018) on a turnover of £250.5m 4% below 2017 due to a reduction in low-margin voice revenue. As a result of increased investment in our International business and software development capabilities, JT’s operating profit was £7.4 million in 2018, a fall of £3.7 million on the figure recorded for 2017. The decrease is in line with shareholders’ expectations and the company’s intentional strategic plan to invest heavily in future capability.

It also reflects the Group’s considerable investment in customer experience, including a ‘customer dividend’ in the form of substantially lower mobile roaming charges, and unlimited broadband offers.

The Group returned a slightly increased dividend to its owners, the States of Jersey at £4.8m (2017: £4.7m), which formed a total of more than £17m paid to the Government in terms of employee related taxes, corporate tax, GST and dividends.

69% of JT’s revenue now comes from outside of the Channel Islands. This supports JT’s continued investment back into the world-class local infrastructure for our islands, such as the advanced super-fast 4G networks and island-wide full-fibre network in Jersey.

JT Group Chairman, Phil Male, commented: “Following the completion of the full-fibre network, 2018 was a time to look to the future of our business, which we did by investing strategically in our International operations. Grown from a standing start, JT SIMs now power more than 4,000,000 devices around the world, from connected heart monitors in Canada, to traffic management systems in Central America, right through to ‘smart cows’ here in Jersey. We now have a global reach and a growing International
reputation which has seen us secure projects and partner with global brands such as Kraft, BBC, CNN, Nokia, SAP and Amazon.

“JT is an innovative, global communications player, which is making sure the Channel Islands are amongst the most connected places on earth, while also securing our long- term future as a valuable, locally-owned asset, through growing our International business.”

JT CEO, Graeme Millar, added: “When I first joined JT nearly a decade ago, the most common and often strongly worded feedback I got was that broadband speeds were really slow, performance was poor, and coverage could be very patchy. The maximum download speed was just 2Mb/s, making it probably some of the worst in Europe/UK.

“We listened closely to that feedback from our customers, and by 2018 we had completed the island’s full-fibre broadband network more quickly than it has been done anywhere else in the world, and at no cost to the vast majority of its users.
That achievement by JT’s dedicated team has now pushed Jersey to first place in the world in term of the percentage of users directly connected to fibre broadband.

“When we began the project, some people doubted that we would need it – now it’s fair to say we all might question how we would live our connected lives without it.

“With 5G now firmly on the horizon we’re again looking forward and JT will get a trial network in place by the Summer. For broadband, we are preparing to offer customers speeds of up to 10 Gb/s on Jersey’s full-fibre network; and internationally, we’ll be working with global tech innovators such as ARM to get JT SIMs into millions more devices around the world.

“We will continue to couple our investment in technology with our commitment to providing award-winning standards of customer service across all our disciplines so that we are providing the same high quality of service to both our global partners and our valued local customers.”


For further information or to set up interviews please contact Anna Thorne at Direct Input on 01534 735253 or email anna@directinput.je

To view the full Annual Review, please click here.


JT’s mobile networks confirmed as fastest in the Channel Islands

Analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® has confirmed that JT customers enjoy the fastest mobile network and data speeds in both Guernsey and Jersey*.

Results from all mobile networks in the Channel Islands were analysed by Ookla, the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis between April and September this year.

Those tests, which are carried out by islanders themselves, confirm that JT has the fastest mobile networks.

Ookla’s results are also widely trusted by regulators, trade groups and analysts. Hence, they are used by virtually every major mobile carrier and internet service provider in the world.  Everyday ten million tests are actively initiated. With over 20 billion completed to date.

JT's Networks are the quickest

Daragh McDermott JT, said: “Our customers regularly tell us that they enjoy the speed of our 4G networks in Jersey and Guernsey. So, these test results from Ookla provide the research data to confirm their feedback. JT’s networks are the quickest.

“We’re really pleased to have that confirmed, for the third year running, by Ookla. It's clearly good news for our customers, and testament to the hard work of JT’s engineering teams. They are responsible for building and maintaining the best possible mobile networks.

“So, we see it as our responsibility to deliver the best connectivity that we can for Channel Islanders. We have demonstrated that through our fibre broadband networks, our 4G networks. Also with the announcement that we will install 5G (subject to the necessary radio spectrum being allocated) in 2019.

“Our aim is to make the islands one of the best-connected places in the world. Therefore, this recognition from Ookla confirms that work is paying off.”

“With millions of tests taken using Speedtest every day, Ookla has developed a comprehensive view of worldwide internet performance. So it is our pleasure to recognize JT as the Fastest Mobile Network in Guernsey & Jersey based on our rigorous analysis. Consequently, this award is a testament to JT’s exceptional performance, as experienced by JT's customers, in Q2 and Q3”. Jamie Steven, Executive Vice President at Ookla.

To view the results, visit www.speedtest.net/awards/jt/ 


*Based on Ookla speed test results Q2-Q3 2018 https://www.speedtest.net/awards/mobile/

5G Mobile Network

Major deal signed to bring 5G to the Channel Islands

Just 4 years on from the successful deployment of its 4G network JT is again partnering with ZTE to create a new 5G mobile network for our Islands. The deal was signed on Tuesday in Shenzhen, China, during an official Jersey trade delegation to further develop the Islands’ business links with Asia.

Now contracts are signed, JT will begin work with ZTE on this new network. Aiming to launch a test service during 2019, subject to CICRA licensing spectrum. Whilst the 5G standard is not complete yet, JT aims to roll out incremental improvements as standards solidify and expects to offer a Channel Island wide service by 2021.

5G enables download speeds up to 10x faster than today’s speeds, together with the ability to connect many more devices. In time it will play a key part in supporting our Islands’ role as an Internet of Things ‘Digital Sandbox’. JT forecast that, in addition to thousands of IoT devices, by 2023 10% of Islanders will have 5G enabled devices.

The Best 5G Service in the World

Graeme Millar, JT CEO said: “Our goal is to build the best networks we possibly can for islanders to enjoy. We aspire to build on our island’s world beating fibre network and now offer Channel Islanders the best 5G service in the world.  Our role is to support our customers, providing them the technology to do whatever they want. By building these information super highways we make this possible.

ZTE are the ideal partner, who’ve supported us already with our 4G network. We know customers appreciate its speed and quality. Indeed, our ZTE 4G network has been ranked as the fastest in the CI by global assessor Ookla for the last three years running. We expect more of the same from our Islands’ new 5G network.

We’re committed to ensuring customers continue to enjoy the best connectivity in the world by both wire and air. The journey moving from 4G to 5G will be similar to the revolution from copper to fibre. Whilst it will be a complex project involving the complete upgrade of our mobile network, new customer handsets and other changes, we believe we are ideally placed to help our customers experience the benefits this technology offers.

It was an honour to sign this deal during a formal trade delegation visit to China. We were also able to support Jersey in developing business in Asia. So, I am proud to give voice to our Islands on the world stage. Therefore, we firmly believe the Channel Islands can hold their own in terms of connectivity against any country in the world. Thank you to Channel Islanders for supporting the development of our advanced networks and services.”

Kenneth Cao, Managing Director ZTE UK commented: “This is a key milestone for both ZTE and JT to start the journey of 5G. 5G is an enabler for technology innovation and digital transformation. At ZTE we aim to be a world leader in 5G solution development. Through our 4G partnership, ZTE are determined to provide the best possible 5G solution and service to the Channel Islands. ‘

Issued by James Filleul at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email james@directinput.je for more information.  To find out more about 5G visit www.jtglobal.com/5G and to find out more about Ookla’s global speed test rankings visit www.jtglobal.com/fastestnetwork.


In Photos: Graeme Millar CEO JT Group. Daragh McDermott Corporate Affairs Director JT Group. Kenneth Cao, Managing Director ZTE UK.  Dr Han Gang, Vice-President ZTE Corporation.




Institute of Directors seminar sponsored by JT

6 November 2018

The first JT-sponsored Institute of Directors Winter Seminar of the series is set to provide a fascinating insight into the benefits and risks of new technology.  Particularly in relation to the advancement of boards. The seminar, titled The Shape of Things to Come will be held at the Old Government House on Friday 16 November at 12.15 pm.

Panellists will include Emma Bailey, the GFSC’s Director of the Authorisations and Innovation Division; Wayne Atkinson, Partner at Collas Crill; Susie Crowder, Non-Executive Chairman at Nexus Technology Ltd and CEO of Bright Futures LBG, and Matt Thornton, co-founder of Guernsey-based tech start-up, Cortex Technologies.

Innovations to the Marketplace

Iain Beresford, organiser of the JT-sponsored Winter Seminar series, said: “There’s no doubt that innovation and technological disruption is affecting every business, every industry and every economy. This includes Guernsey. It can be a powerful and opportunist force for driving business and economic growth and performance. But it also presents significant risks to some companies.

“So, there is no question that, by their very nature, technological disruption and innovation provide significant challenges to regulators and policymakers. However, they can they also create an environment to cultivate and promote innovation, and potentially deliver innovations to the marketplace. This in a way in which they could not have developed on their own? Hence, in this seminar we’ll be looking to explore these ideas and understand their implications.

Tamara O’Brien, Deputy Managing Director of JT Guernsey, said: “We’re really pleased to continue our long-standing support of these topical lunchtime events in partnership with the IoD. As an enabler of new technology ourselves, through our mobile and broadband networks, we’re very aware of the benefits. But also aware of the challenges that innovation brings. So, one of the best ways to manage disruption is to discuss it openly and honestly.  Therefore, these important seminars allow our business community to do. It promises to be a fascinating event with debate stimulated from an informed expert panel.”


Katie Corbett

JT recognised as Best Communication Solutions Company in Channel Islands

The ‘Best Communication Solutions Company in the Channel Islands’ has been named as JT at the 2018 UK Enterprise Awards, which focuses on the ‘SME’ sector.

Small to medium-sized enterprises constitute the vast majority of local businesses and are the engine of the Channel Island economy. JT’s Business Sales team supports this crucial sector and is a trusted partner for thousands of businesses across the islands.

 SME News Magazine

SME News Magazine organised the UK Enterprise Awards. This is  the UK’s biggest selling publication in the SME sector. JT has been recognised for the breadth of its offering, the positive impact it has in the Jersey and Guernsey communities and its recently completed ground-breaking full-fibre network.

A combination of votes gathered from a network of respected industry partners, peers and SME News’ own rigorous in-house research crowned JT the winners. JT’s performance over the past 12 months, its innovation and way of working, and its position in the market were all assessed.

Working Together to find the Best Solutions

Katie Corbett, JT’s Enterprise and Business Services Director, said: “This welcome recognition is down to the great work of everyone at JT. But also, particularly our pan-island SME team. Consequently, I’d like to thank them for their efforts. We are trusted partners of our clients, working with them to find the best solutions. Focusing on strategy and best working practices as well as technology. JT as the only locally owned telecoms company in the Channel Islands, and so has a genuine desire to play a part in the success of local SMEs.

“We’re proud to give them the tools to grow and develop their business. This year JT has connected the last broadband customer to our full-fibre network in Jersey. So, this means that locally SMEs can benefit from world-leading download and upload speeds. JT allows them to take full advantage of the internet, creating more efficient and cost effective ways of working. The technology we provide is changing the way we all do business. It is fantastic for JT and our SME team to have this international recognition.”


Issued by Julien Morel at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email julien@directinput.je for more information.

Tamara O'Brien

JT shortlisted for top national Customer Experience Awards

JT is a finalist in two categories of this year’s UK Customer Experience Awards. This is the biggest ‘CX’ event of its kind in the world. Now in its ninth year, the UK Customer Experience Awards recognise those inspiring organisations who are delivering an outstanding customer experience. JT has been shortlisted in the ‘Best International Business’ and ‘CX Team of the Year’ categories.

JT’s submissions also focus on how it introduced new, far-reaching and innovative Customer Experience standards. Also their training to focus on ‘delighting’ customers. JT began a journey in 2015 to improve customers experience as part of a strategy to transform the business.  It has transformed from an on-island telecoms provider to a world-class communications brand. And has pioneered digital technology supported by first-class customer experience. This was implemented throughout the organisation by a specially trained, committed and focused team. Because of this a positive increase in levels of customer, client and employee satisfaction and engagement has been seen.

Customer Experience is a Journey Not a Destination

Tamara O’Brien, JT’s Head of Customer Experience, said: “JT has invested a lot of time and energy into improving our customer experience. So, hearing the news we are finalist in two major categories at Britain’s top CX awards against some global operators and brands is testament to the hard work of a very dedicated CX team who represent first and foremost the Voice of our Customers. The most important validation, however, is from our customers themselves. Customers who consistently tell us that JT staff are polite, knowledgeable and helpful. Also, customer experience is a journey not a destination. While we are pleased with the progress we are making, keep our customers’ needs right at the heart of our business. Therefore, ensuring we as a team represent their voice, is central to our strategy of continuous improvement.”

The other shortlisted organisations in the Best International Business Category are: Medallia in partnership with Generali, Barclays, CPM International (New Tech Division), Airbnb and Thomson Reuters. In the CX Team of the Year category, JT is alongside: Cross Country, Lowell, O2 Telefonica and BT Corporate.

The ceremony on 11 October at Wembley Stadium will be where the winners will be announced.


Issued by Julien Morel at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email julien@directinput.je for more information.

Virtual Reality eSports Team

JT partners with world’s leading professional Virtual Reality eSports team

JT has given its backing to a group of young technology pioneers who have formed the first professional organisation. With players competing in global Virtual Reality eSports competitions. JT has become the global sponsor of “Team Gravity”, founded by Jersey resident Tim McGuinness. The team competes in the game Echo Arena, which is a three-versus-three-person game of virtual ‘Ultimate Frisbee’. However, it plans to compete in more eSports and has recently recruited its fourth member.

The team competes on a weekly basis but also attends major eSports events, such as ESL One in Hamburg. and IEM Katowice in Poland. This is the biggest gaming event in the world, attracting 173,000 people and an online audience of 46 million. Team Gravity recently finished first in the European Stage Finals of Echo Arena and is looking to qualify for the World Finals.

Mr McGuinness said: “eGaming and eSports have been around for some time. But the addition of Virtual Reality takes it to a new level and is a growing global phenomenon. With VR, it is much more akin to playing a sport than a game. You need to train and you need to have the right mentality as you can play for up to three hours non-stop. It is a full body workout requiring great fitness, dexterity and skill.

“JT’s sponsorship will be crucial for us as Team Gravity grows in this brand-new industry, which has huge prospects as technology develops even further. As a player, I also have a lot to thank JT for; in the virtual space, I will be playing against people around the world, even my own teammates are based in Sweden and Germany. We rely on having a super-fast internet connection, and with JT’s full-fibre network in Jersey, I know I have the ultimate bandwidth to compete at the highest level.”

Tamara O Brien, Head of Customer Experience at JT said: “JT has been at the forefront of communications technology for more than 120 years. So, supporting VR eSports – which is fast becoming a global movement – is a great fit. Especially as Team Gravity also has a strong local connection through Tim. We’re proud to support Tim and his teammates with both funding and technology, to help them grow and develop. We wish them every success in the forthcoming World Qualifiers. We’re also looking at further local opportunities to work together in the near future. This will help show young islanders the possibilities this exciting growing sport has to offer. Watch this space.”


Issued by Julien Morel at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email julien@directinput.je for more information.

Four billion mobile transactions

JT processes four billion mobile transactions in 2017

JT is now ranked among the global leaders for managing text messages on behalf of business customers having processed a record-breaking four billion mobile transactions in 2017.

The Channel Islands’ only locally owned telecoms company has built long-term partnerships with many international mobile network operators. It has signed more than 750 roaming agreements to allow its customers to connect wherever they are in the world. Building on those networks, JT has developed products to help other operators monetise their own services. One of these is messaging for texts (SMS) and ‘Home Location Registers’ (HLR). This allows carriers to determine the home country and network of a mobile subscriber. JT provides portability information for routing of messages purposes. Thus, making sure that carriers send messages in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

In the Business of Messaging

Tom Noel, Managing Director of JT International, the division responsible for growing the group’s global business, said: “JT has been in the business of messaging since its conception and has been one of the industry’s leading pioneers. Reaching four billion transactions is a significant milestone for us. It moves us closer to our goal of becoming the Operator of Operators for Messaging.

“Despite the growth of services such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, messaging remains preferred method to reach a customer. Big players like Google, Facebook and Apple all use it. It provides two-factor authentication. Chatbots are also becoming popular, especially in call-centre environments. Although some people have predicted the end of messaging, it is very much alive and well, and our growth confirms this.”

As well as messaging, JT International has also developed niche products in the areas of global roaming, fraud protection and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Notes to Editors: For further information, please contact Julien Morel at Direct Input, telephone (+44) 1534 735253 or email julien@directinput.je

Jt Wins Connected Britain Award

JT wins Fibre Connectivity Award for ground-breaking network

JT has been recognised at the Connected Britain Awards, announced at the end of the UK’s premier conference on communications technology this week. The Channel Islands’ largest and only locally owned telecoms operator won the Fibre Connectivity Award for its pioneering Gigabit full-fibre network.

In winning the award, JT was recognised above some significant other shortlisted organisations involved in fibre technology. This included Digital Scotland, Gigaclear and Grosvenor Group.

The organisers, Total Telecom, described this win as:

This was another tightly contested category, and one that carried a good deal of prestige, given the UK’s renewed focus on fibre networks. JT Group claimed victory in this category with their ambitious project on the island of Jersey (more information here).

This award is timely as this year Jersey will become the world’s first full-fibre jurisdiction.  Every residential and business broadband customer will be directly connected to a network that offers unrivalled internet upload and download speeds. The judges praised JT’s foresight. They also commended the way the project was managed and delivered.

National Recognition

JT Chief Executive Officer Graeme Millar, who accepted the award in London, said: “We’re clearly delighted that our Gigabit project has been singled out at such a prestigious event. Choosing to replace our copper network with a full-fibre one back in 2012 was a bold decision to make. We’ve always known that it was the right one, though. It’s obviously pleasing to now receive national recognition for our efforts. JT started the journey of rolling out our network years in advance of the point at which it would be required. Therefore, we’re now at a place where many other jurisdictions want to be.

“We’ve laid over 3,000 km of individual fibre-optic cable to almost 40,000 homes and 5,000 businesses. Hence, 100 per cent of broadband customers are to be connected to full-fibre. Jersey will have the highest fibre-to-the-home penetration in the world. That is something the whole Island can be proud of.

“Our success at the Connected Britain Awards is down to the cumulative effort of a huge team of people. Therefore, I would like to publicly thank my colleagues and all our stakeholders for their enduring hard work and support. As well as the support of our customers, whose needs were central to the vision of this project.”


Issued by Julien Morel at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email julien@directinput.je for more information.