Progress Milestone: JT and Ericsson Open Test Centre for Next-Generation Mobile Network

One year into a major infrastructure project, JT Group is delighted to announce that the programme to build the Channel Islands’ next-generation mobile networks is not only on schedule but has achieved a pivotal milestone by entering the testing phase.

5G technology promises unprecedented speeds, ultra-low latency, and massive connectivity, revolutionising industries and transforming communication. While its benefits are already enjoyed across Asia, the US, and most major UK towns and cities, rigorous testing across various stages of deployment and operation is essential to realise its full potential in the Channel Islands. This involves lab-testing environments and real everyday scenarios.

A dedicated state-of-the-art test lab, a separate controlled space replicating the network production environment, has now been established in Jersey. This facility will enable engineers to test changes before implementation, ensuring network performance and reliability.

Daragh McDermott, CEO of JT Group, said: “Reaching this exciting and critical phase on time is a testament to the exceptional skills of our team. The meticulous testing required to ensure network performance and reliability is of utmost importance. This new test environment represents a significant step towards achieving the technological transformation needed to meet future demands for Channel Islanders.”

The project includes mobile network modernisation and upgrades to JT’s Radio Access Network (RAN), Transport/Transmission and Core Network infrastructure and associated Network Management and operations tools. Beginning last year, the project features Ericsson’s advanced telecommunications solutions, software and services, especially the latest energy-efficient features, supporting a sustainable network evolution. In tandem with this project, JT continues its progress to simplify, digitise, and automate its processes, systems, and customer offerings, aligning with today’s consumer, business, home, and industry needs.

Katherine Ainley, CEO of Ericsson, UK and Ireland, said: “Our collaboration with JT is driven by a shared vision for next-generation connectivity. New technologies and architectures bring both benefits and challenges. The start of testing marks an exciting step towards completing a next-generation network, promising enhanced connectivity and innovation for the Channel Islands.”

Deputy Lyndon Farnham, Chief Minister of Jersey, said: “This substantial investment by JT will ensure islanders have access to the opportunities that new technology brings. Focusing on the future, this development of a next-generation mobile network is about more than improved connectivity; it is about building a resilient, innovative, and prosperous future for generations to come. This lab will evaluate equipment performance and validate new technologies, ensuring that the islands remain at the forefront of communications technology, offering access to cutting-edge services and products.”

Daragh McDermott, CEO of JT Group, added: “We are committed to building a network that delivers exceptional connectivity and encourages innovation, powering new services for consumers and businesses and contributing to the digital transformation and economic growth of Channel Islands. All things going well, we remain on track to deploy 5G by the end of 2025.”

JT donates ‘Purple’ phones to Safer, boosting community support for domestic abuse sufferers

Safer, a Guernsey charity that supports and empowers those experiencing domestic abuse, has launched its first community ‘Safer Space’ at the Guille-Alles library with help from JT.

The local telco has donated two mobile handsets with striking purple cases, the colour globally recognised as a symbol of support for domestic abuse charities, through its Community Giving scheme.

Anyone wanting to access help, can go to the Guille-Alles library and ask to use the mobile phone.  The receptionist will direct them to a discreet and private space where they can make the call to Safer.

This year Safer has worked with many local businesses to create more physical Safer spaces within the community. These spaces will have purple mobiles with numbers for Safer and other support services pre-programmed, allowing victims to safely and quickly contact the charity without fear of being tracked by their abuser.

Antonia Rainbow, Training Manager at Safer explained: ‘When people think about domestic abuse they usually think about physical abuse in a relationship, however, it can take many forms.  There is also sexual abuse, stalking and harassment, economic abuse and emotional and psychological abuse.  Most victims entering the Safer service will be experiencing multiple forms of abuse so it’s vital they can contact us safely and confidently, without the perpetrator being aware.’

Domestic abuse can affect anyone, regardless of age, background, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexuality. While it occurs in all types of relationships, most incidents involve men abusing women. Sadly, statistics indicate that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will face domestic abuse at some point in their lives.

Antonia Rainbow, continued: ‘Alongside the phone at Guille-Alles library we are looking for a location for our second purple phone.  Our hope is to have many more Safer spaces around the Island so that sufferers can visit without causing suspicion to their abusers.  The only way we can stop domestic abuse is to talk about it and we’re really grateful to JT for joining the conversation by making this much needed donation and helping us to raise awareness.’

Pip Carpenter, Head of Consumer Markets and Community Partnerships, at JT said: ‘Our decision to support Safer reflects our genuine commitment to making a meaningful impact in our community. Our goal is to support the dedicated individuals who assist those in our community who are suffering silently. We believe that access to technology can significantly improve the lives of individuals in vulnerable situations by giving them a vital lifeline to seek help.’’

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Safeguarding digital transactions

Did you know that a staggering two-thirds of all reported fraudulent transactions can be traced back to mobile phones? As we increasingly bank, shop, and socialise online, smartphones have become prime targets for cybercriminals. Techniques such as SIM Swap fraud, Authorised Push Payment, and Call-forwarding fraud are commonly used to deceive customers.

At JT, we fully recognise the dangers of financial fraud. That’s why we created JT Mobile Intelligence, giving us a unique edge. Our solutions and products, used the world over, verify identities, authenticates transactions, and detects fraud, safeguarding businesses and their customers. These tools are crucial for effective KYC processes, because at the end of the day, happy customers are the core of any business.

Our Chief Product Officer, Tom Noel, explains more about how JT is making a difference, read here.

Enhanced Internet Connectivity at The Croft with Advanced Wi-Fi Technology

The Croft, a residential care unit in St Sampson, has had a recent upgrade to its internet infrastructure to improve online accessibility for visitors, staff and service users. This was made possible by a generous contribution from the JT Community Giving scheme, which donated JT Total Wi-Fi for the property, maximising their existing broadband connection.

Operated by the Child Development Service, The Croft is a six-bedroom home that provides a short break and respite service for children and young people up to the age of 18 with moderate to severe learning needs or complex physical disabilities. The service also provides support to users in their own home or in community settings as well as running special needs play and activity schemes in the major school holidays.

The donated Plume Pods expand Wi-Fi coverage throughout a building, ensuring a stable and reliable connection that can support the growing number of digital devices being used within The Croft on a daily basis. They also incorporate cutting-edge cyber-protection and intuitive parental controls, creating a safer online environment for all users. JT also donated a set of iPads to help with the team’s learning programmes, providing a portable and accessible way to boost the children’s education and creativity wherever they are.

Nick Phipps, Centre Manager for The Croft said: “We’re really grateful to JT Community Giving for their generous support, which has truly transformed our digital capabilities. This has not only improved the learning and leisure experiences for our kids but also boosted the resources available to our staff and the programming we can offer. It’s made a significant difference in how everyone, children, staff, and visitors, can connect and interact, improving our community’s overall digital experience.”

Kate Marshall, Head of Guernsey Enterprise at JT, commented on the project’s impact: ” Access to the internet is a doorway to the world for everyone, by improving these connections, we’re not just opening up a network; we’re supporting the team at The Croft to unlock countless opportunities for learning, engagement, and growth. For us at JT, our Community Giving Scheme is about ensuring everyone, regardless of their abilities, can safely explore, learn, and thrive in today’s digital age.’’

The Community Giving scheme is open to all registered charities, schools, and community groups across the Channel Islands that meet at least one of four criteria: community support, digital inclusivity, raising awareness of mental and physical health and wellbeing, and environmental improvement.

For more information about JT Community Giving, FAQs and an application form, go to:

The Channel Islands’ has its first Data Roaming eSIM

Seamless Connectivity available for everyone who travels

In a significant enhancement to mobile services, JT has launched the first and only Data Roaming eSIM from a Channel Islands mobile network operator. The JT eSIM is now available to all Channel Islanders and visitors, offering market-leading data roaming rates in the UK and EU helping people save money, regardless of which telecoms provider they normally use – all with the simplicity and ease of eSIM technology.

So what exactly is an eSIM and how does it work? eSIM is a digital SIM already built into modern devices, like newer smartphones and tablets, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. To activate it, you just scan a QR code or download it through an app, which lets you connect to a mobile network in minutes.

The JT eSIM is the best option if you’re looking for an easy way to stay connected while travelling. You won’t need to switch SIM cards as you move across the UK and Europe, and you’ll get the lowest data rates without the worry of bill shock. It’s also perfect for visitors to the Channel Islands, whether here for a day or a month. The best part? It’s available to everyone, no matter which provider you use. It’s contract-free and doesn’t require credit checks, giving you complete flexibility and control over your mobile usage.

Lee Madden, CEO, GR8 Recruitment said: “Providing affordable connectivity for employees coming to the island to work in various sectors is essential. With JT eSIM, staying in touch with family back home and connecting with new people here is now going to be so much easier. It’s simple to setup, with no language barriers, just scan, pay, and go. It’s flexible, instant, and requires no commitment.’’

Steph Parker, Travel Influencer @bigworldsmallpockets said: ‘’JT eSIM is a game-changer for solo travellers. Instant, secure connectivity which really gives me peace of mind wherever I go. It’s affordable, easy to top up, and knows no borders. Stay connected and safe on all your adventures!’’

The beauty of this option is that the JT eSIM works across multiple countries for 30 days, making it perfect for planned business trips and holidays or spontaneous border-crossing adventures.

Tom Noel, Chief Product Officer, JT Group said: ‘‘At JT, our focus is on the customer. Our Data Roaming eSIM is easy to use, affordable, and flexible, with no long-term commitment required. You don’t need to be a JT customer to enjoy roaming with JT.

Tom added: ‘’With Many CI businesses having an international presence and with many others expanding into new markets, the JT eSIM offers a solution to one of their biggest challenges: maintaining reliable and cost-efficient global connectivity, from a trusted provider that they know they can rely on. eSIM technology is set to replace physical SIMs soon, and we’re committed to staying ahead of these changes to meet the needs of travellers everywhere.’’

JT Group Drives Global Expansion with Advanced Fraud Detection Technology

Following the acquisition of Spectrum Message services earlier this year, JT Group is rapidly expanding its reach across the Americas in response to overwhelming demand. This expansion highlights JT’s commitment to combating financial crime with innovative mobile intelligence solutions and marks the introduction of their latest fraud prevention product, MoneyGuard, to new markets, reinforcing its role as a leader in financial security.

Washington based, Andreas Suma, is leading this expansion in North and Latin America. He brings over two decades of experience in developing growth strategies for top firms in the fraud prevention domain as well as significant experience in payments and digital channels across the hemisphere, including ACI Worldwide, FICO, and Clickatell. His expertise is crucial in tailoring MoneyGuard to meet the specific challenges of the American markets.

According to recent statistics, incidents of fraud involving payment platforms continue to see notable increases, with consumers reporting a 50% rise in fraudulent activities last year alone. This trend is predicted to continue, driven by evolving fraud threats and the increasing adoption of real time payments. MoneyGuard tackles this challenge head-on by integrating sophisticated mobile intelligence and customer engagement capabilities into everyday financial transactions, enhancing fraud detection and prevention in real-time. MoneyGuard currently protects over 130 million customer accounts globally and supports comprehensive communication via SMS, WhatsApp, mobile app push notifications, email, and voice, keeping customers informed through convenient, cost-effective, and preferred channels.

Tom Noel, Chief Product Officer, JT Group, said, “Our expansion into the US is driven by the urgent need for cutting-edge, accessible technology that secures consumers’ finances against increasingly sophisticated threats. MoneyGuard represents the pinnacle of our innovative efforts, blending real-time fraud detection with mobile intelligence solutions to provide a steadfast defence for consumers.”

Andreas Suma, Managing Director, JT Mobile Intelligence added, “The proven MoneyGuard solution is an ideal fit for the US market as consumers increasingly adopt real-time payments. Increasing usage of alternative payments and wallets, including the impending entry of FedNow standards, will accelerate this shift. Capabilities such as MoneyGuard allow better protections to consumers and greatly minimize friction with consumers engaged through traditional channels while notably reducing operational costs.”

With ongoing plans to expand its Mobile Intelligence solutions, JT is committed to ensuring that businesses and their customers can rely on their transactions being safeguarded by the most advanced systems available.

JT Mobile Intelligence defending against impersonation fraud

JT Group Limited has expanded their suite of Mobile Intelligence services with the launch of Scam Signal which allows businesses to protect their customers from impersonation scams, particularly Authorised Pushed Payment (APP) fraud.

Working alongside global analytics software provider FICO, JT have become the first of Vodafone’s channel partners to offer Scam Signal with their mobile intelligence solutions.

JT continues to take a market-leading position in Mobile Intelligence, which uses mobile systems and networks to learn, analyse and resolve user queries with intelligent data. Scam Signal provides a framework of computer rules that app developers and businesses can use to tackle online fraud and protect the digital identities of their customers, enabling financial institutions to swiftly identify and thwart fraudulent bank transfers as they occur in real-time. Leveraging advanced analysis of real-time network data during live transactions, it effectively detects and mitigates social engineering attempts aimed at deceiving and defrauding account holders.

During a successful three-month pilot with a leading UK bank, it was shown that Scam Signal detection could be improved by as much as 30%.

The launch of Scam Signal is particular timely given the growing problem of APP fraud within the UK. Statistics published by the UK government show that 1 in 15 people have fallen victim to fraudulent activity. In 2022, more than £485 million was lost to APP fraud. Recent data for the Channel Islands show a 20% increase in online fraudulent activity, increasingly affecting older and vulnerable people with many losing considerable amounts of money.

Jersey Police recently warned islanders about an increase in these types of scams which can see people losing their life savings. Earlier this year, Guernsey Police also reported that six people were scammed out of a total of £80,000.00. Typically, APP fraud involves a criminal tricking someone into sending them money, often through impersonating representatives from banks, government departments, or even a family member. They can also deceive a victim into making advance payments for fraudulent investments, counterfeit goods and services, or even extort money through a seemingly genuine romance or friendship.

Peter Stok, Global Head of Mobile Intelligence Strategy, JT Group said: ‘The technology represents a significant breakthrough in the fight against fraud and is directly meeting customer’s needs, helping financial institutions to protect consumers by tackling fraud at its source. It’s an essential part of JT’s Mobile Intelligence solutions, providing streamlined identity verification, discreet authentication, and instant fraud protection.

‘Customers are increasingly demanding that their information is safeguarded and to have top-level security that keep pace with the sophistication of fraudsters. Together with our strategic partners we’re addressing a critical need, responding to a more than 20% increase in fraud last year alone.’

On Your Marks, Get Set, Grow: Healthy snacks provided by JT

This year, children attending the ‘On Your Marks’ holiday sports sessions hosted by the Guernsey Sports Commission will be treated to fresh fruit, provided by JT’s Community Giving scheme.

‘On Your Marks’ provides multi-sports and sports taster sessions for children and young people during the school holidays, focusing on fun through physical activity from a young age.

Up to 100 children and young people attend each session and enjoy a full morning of games and activities including sports such as football, cricket, hockey, netball and softball.

Once a week the Commission likes to provide a free fruit break for all the children and young people to encourage them to eat more fruit, and often to try new varieties they may not have experienced before.  To help keep costs low for parents, the Commission applied to the JT Community Giving scheme asking for assistance in offering healthy and wholesome snacks for the children.

Nicky Will from the Guernsey Sports Commission explained: ‘Being able to provide a healthy snack for everyone who attends, at least once a week helps to reinforce a healthy lifestyle and is popular with everyone.  Thanks to JT’s help we’re able to provide a wide selection of fresh fruit such as strawberries, watermelon, grapes and oranges and as soon as it all hits the tables the children swoop in, and it’s all gone in a matter of minutes.’

Kate Marshall, Head of Guernsey Enterprise at JT said: ‘We all know the importance of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet; the ‘On Your Marks’ holiday activities are a brilliant way to encourage those choices from a young age, introducing them to good habits that can last a lifetime. For us, our support is about reinforcing the positive energy gained from play while at the same time helping their wellbeing with nutritious food. It’s practical support which aligns with our belief in the positive impact of small, meaningful actions.’’

JT Community Giving helps local projects and initiatives by offering them the opportunity to apply for funding, devices, subscriptions, technical support, or even hands-on help from some of JT’s many willing volunteers.

For more information about JT Community Giving, FAQs and an application form, go to:

JT connects with Guernsey Charities

Recently, more than 50 Guernsey charities gathered at the Swallow Pavilion at La Vallette to mark the first anniversary of JT Community Giving, established by the technology company a year ago to support local projects and initiatives.

This was an opportunity for the charities to learn more about JT Community Giving and how to apply for funding, digital devices, subscriptions, technical support, or hands-on assistance from some of JT’s many volunteers.

It was a unique gathering of the exceptional people who selflessly give their time to others – an opportunity for them to share not only the ways they’ve benefited from JT Community Giving donations but also their personal stories. This special event served as a platform for making friends and establishing new partnerships, creating an even stronger and supportive community network.

Aaron Davies, Childrens Service Manager from Action for Children explained: ‘‘We successfully applied to the JT Community Giving scheme and got approval for mobile phones to help young islanders facing homelessness. This allows them to keep in touch with us and other community services they might need. The application was straightforward, and the donation makes a big difference to our team and the young people, who can now be reached at any time and can reach out for help whenever they need it.’’

There were five JT team members on hand at the event to explain the application process and give examples of donations and support that some of the 120 charities across the Channel Islands have benefitted from since the scheme began a year ago, attracting over a dozen new requests solely from this event.

Kat Gillespie from King George V (KGV) playing fields and Community Centre added: ‘‘We went to the JT Community Giving event to see what kind of support we could get, like many other charities, we struggle with raising awareness and funds. The event was great because we met many others facing the same challenges. The JT team were very helpful and friendly, and we were surprised to learn how straightforward the application process was. Now that we know, we’ve filled out our first application, asking for a raffle prize for our big Euros prize draw.’’

Pip Carpenter, Head of Consumer Markets at JT Group said: ‘’As a local business it’s always been important to us that we give back to our community. It was a real pleasure for me to meet the people behind these charities and hear firsthand about the amazing work they do. These groups serve as the bedrock for a strong support network across our island, offering essential support to families who would be lost without them. The continued success of our scheme is a testament to the collective strength found in these grassroots initiatives, and by continuing to support these vital organisations, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our fellow islanders. Together, we contribute to the overall well-being of our community, promoting inclusivity and interconnection for all.”

JT strengthens its fraud prevention expertise with Spectrum acquisition

JT has expanded its Mobile Intelligence offerings by acquiring Spectrum Message Services, an Australian-based company. Spectrum specialises in combining mobile communications platforms with anti-fraud and payment systems and has global partnerships with top-tier transactional software and service solution providers.

Spectrum’s flagship product, MoneyGuard, is a mobile alert system that’s used to process transactions for more than 120 million consumers worldwide using cards, accounts and other electronic payment forms. It’s been designed to help financial institutions fight fraud by alerting and communicating with customers through SMS, mobile apps, email and voice.

JT plans to seamlessly integrate MoneyGuard into its existing portfolio, enhancing its ability to protect customers from financial fraud and identity theft.

Daragh McDermott, CEO of JT Group, commented: “JT Group’s vision is to connect our customers, and this strategic acquisition perfectly aligns with our commitment to using data-driven solutions to combat financial fraud. MoneyGuard’s innovative features complement our existing Mobile Intelligence portfolio, bolstering our ability to provide effective communication channels in the dynamic world of financial transactions.”

Gerard Vos, Managing Director of Spectrum, added: “This marks an exciting chapter for MoneyGuard. Our shared vision for combining mobile alert systems with mobile intelligence aligns perfectly, and we look forward to contributing to its further growth by adding our expertise to JT’s initiatives in combating fraud whilst improving the overall customer experience.”

With the addition of MoneyGuard to its product portfolio, JT has solidified its position as a leader in Mobile Intelligence, combining expertise and solutions to create a more secure digital future.

For more information on Spectrum MoneyGuard click here >