Les Quennevais welcomes the leaders of the future

Les Quennevais welcomes the leaders of the future – meet the class of 2027

Later this week Les Quennevais School will host a two day transition programme for the largest cohort of new students they’ve ever had.

For over five years JT has partnered with the school to support Year 6 pupils as they experience a taste of life at the state of the art school, seeing for themselves where the next step on their learning journey could take them. The aim of the two day experience is to overcome those first day nerves for pupils, making sure they are familiar and happy with their new surroundings and the new faces that will greet them.

Pip Carpenter, Head of Commercial Market said: “When we started working with Les Quennevais School, we made a long-term commitment to support its students and teachers. At JT, we are genuinely passionate about nurturing the next generation. One of our ambitions, and a big part of our Sustainability Strategy, is to champion and support digital education and inclusion projects for everyone.

Technology has introduced revolutionary changes in all areas of our lives, from communication to the entertainment industry, but most especially in education. We believe that it’s really important our young people learn to harness all the potential of digital technology while still at school, and at Les Quennevais they are lucky to have that opportunity.’’

Over the summer, the Year 6 leavers will be asked to work on a project set by the Assistant Headteacher, Pete Jones. Students have the option to use a wide range of technology in their final project. This can be using digital photography, coding, animation or videos to present their work.

Sarah Hague, Headteacher of Les Quennevais School, added: “Transition to secondary school is such an important rite of passage. It opens doors and prepares students for the next stage of their school journey. I hope that this intake of students will come away from their transition days feeling excited as they embark on the next chapter in their lives. I am delighted that JT continue to support our future students who will be joining hundreds of other amazing young people, all making the most of the excellent facilities and teaching we have in our school.

We have a full programme of activities and experiences planned for their introduction to the school which I hope will be memorable, useful and fulfilling. I’m also hoping it will fuel them with inspiration that they can then use on their summer project.”

Sark test bed for solar powered mobile network

JT has installed six solar panels on Little Sark as part of a trial to see whether further mobile sites in the Channel Islands can be powered by renewable energy.

The panels, which were installed by the Little Green Energy Company, will maintain the batteries that power the antenna which provides JT’s mobile phone coverage in Little Sark. If successful, this model could be used at other JT sites across the Channel Islands, meeting JT’s commitment to reduce the company’s reliance on power from the grid.

Joseph Donovan, Private Circuit Project Manager, said: “Operating in Sark provides its own challenges, so it’s the perfect place for JT to test equipment that needs to work with minimal intervention and maintenance. This trial will provide an opportunity for our engineers to gauge how well our network will handle calls and data using 100% renewable energy. The mobile site will use the electricity grid to provide the initial charge of the batteries, but after that, it’s the power of the sun that will keep those charged up and working, day and night.’’

Six panels have been set up next to the small mobile radio site, using kit specially designed to run in remote areas that are not connected to the grid. If the trial is a success, it is hoped that more of JT’s equipment and infrastructure can be transferred to sustainable sources of power.

Tom Noel, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, added: “We have set out to make significant reductions in the amount of carbon emissions our activities generate. Everything we do, from decisions made by JT’s Board to the vehicles our engineers drive, must fit into the strategic goals we have set to become carbon neutral. Our renewable energy initiatives will make a real difference and we are proud to be backing this project in Sark to reduce emissions and our carbon footprint. We’re really hoping that during the summer it will run 100% of the time on solar power, providing a greener way to run our network in Sark.”

JT provides Autism Jersey with a smart way to raise funds

JT is donating smartphone accessories to its charity partner Autism Jersey so they can raise funds to continue their vital work in the community.

The accessories, which are still widely used by islanders but no longer sold by JT, will now be available from the Autism Jersey shop which has become a popular hub in The Parade. Customers can buy them at a discount, with 100% of the proceeds going straight to the charity.

The shop also provides somewhere for people on the autism spectrum and their families to meet, find out information and receive support.

Pip Carpenter, Head of Commercial Market, said: “Autism Jersey’s vision is that everyone on the autism spectrum is given the opportunity and support to reach their full potential in an inclusive community, and we fully support that. As a responsible business that believes in the circular business model, we’re donating surplus accessories to our charity partner so they can benefit from selling them alongside their range of excellent products in the Autism Jersey shop.”

Lesley Harrison, Head of Charitable Services at Autism Jersey, added: “Working with our partners at JT is really helping us to boost the profile of our charity and is helping to increase the acceptance of autistic individuals in our community. Our fundraising activities are really important so we’re over the moon that JT has been able to donate surplus stock for us to sell, using the money raised to support our services. Not everyone has the latest smartphone so it’s great that we can sell accessories to people who already have a phone but need to replace the cover. The AJ Boutique on the Parade has a dual purpose of being shop, and a hub where people can get support and information about autism. It’s also somewhere autistic individuals can gain work experience.”

JT accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management for their future leaders programme

JT has become the first employer in Jersey to become accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management after having two of its Internal training programmes independently assessed against the Insititute’s robust framework, to become Institute Approved. The accreditation further marks the business’ commitment to the development of its people and future leaders.

The telecoms company has signed up 29 of its people onto the courses with the introductory sessions starting last week. There are 12 people from JT on the ‘Aspire’ course which gives them the opportunity to accelerate their careers through the development of a range of early management skills. A further 17 members were put forward for the ‘Accelerate’ programme, which enhances the capability of JT’s talented people managers to create and support high performing, highly engaged teams.

The Institute of Leadership and Management has an active community of over 50,000 leaders, managers and coaches. They create award winning learning resources and undertake practical research to support individuals and businesses, such as BT, the Royal British Legion and Siemens Energy in developing and inspiring great leadership everywhere.

Gaynor Lewis, Director of Strategic Partnerships, from the Institute of Leadership and Management, said: ‘It is so great to see businesses like JT investing in the development of its people and providing them with lifelong skills. We’re very proud to support the two programmes and we wish JT’s employees the best of luck as they develop and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.”

Nicola Reeves, JT Group HR Director, said: “Being accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management is a real boost for our training and development plans and provides a world-class leadership development experience for our people. JT is committed to supporting the ambitions and drive of our team members, investing in our people and helping them grow. We want to attract and nurture the very best island talent as we encourage a culture of continuous learning, building on our reputation as a great place to work and grow a career. These programmes will equip our people with world-class skills and qualifications that will help them to succeed and give them the recognition that they deserve as valued members of the JT team.”

JT is also a key advocate of Learning at Work Week. Commencing next week (16th May), leaders and specialists from around the business are hosting a series of virtual showcases with the aim of providing colleagues with new skills and knowledge sharing.

JT supports Alternative Transport Week

Alternative Transport Week, between 16th and 20th May, challenges islanders to leave their cars at home and either walk, cycle, run or take the bus to work. To help spread awareness of the many alternate transport options available and show its support for the initiative, JT is sponsoring four EVie cargo bikes during the week, which will be available for people to try for free.

The telecoms company is also encouraging their own people to use alternative travel for the week, as well as encouraging the whole community to share scenic routes on their commute by using the GPS function on their phone or other wearable technology to plot their route, creating a community social board for the best routes around the Island.

Gill Knights, JT Group General Counsel and Head of Sustainability at JT, said: “The future of transport must be sustainable, and here in Jersey there are plenty of opportunities to use alternative modes that don’t involve jumping in our cars. At JT we’ve made a commitment to become carbon neutral in scope 1 and 2 emissions, by 2030 and ensure our business and our products are a force for good. We already encourage and support our people to cycle,  by offering a subsidy towards the purchase or servicing of a bicyle and we’ve joined eVie’s pan-island Corporate Partner Programme which provides employees at JT with a discount on their e-bikes and e-vehicles hire. By sponsoring the eVie cargo bikes during this week we hope islanders will see just how much they can achieve, and carry without their car. There are sustainable solutions to climate warming caused by fossil fuel emissions, and together we can make a difference, no matter how small, starting with being mindful about how we travel and walking, running, cycling or getting the bus, wherever possible.”

Kate Huntington, the creator of Alternative Transport Week, added: “The idea behind Alternative Transport Week is to get people thinking about their choices when it comes to how they get about the island. I switched my car for a cargo bike three years ago and use it  for all the daily tasks I would have previously used my car for, and I love it. I’d like to thank JT and all the businesses taking part, they’ve all been incredibly supportive.”

Anyone wanting to take up the JT sponsored offer of a free cargo bike for a day during Alternative Transport Week should apply directly to Alternative Transport Week via its facebook page (enter link).  Successful applicants will then be provided with a code which they can use directly on the EVie website when booking their cargo bike.

More info on Alternative Transport Week can be found by visiting Alternative Transport Week on Facebook and alternativetransportweekjersey on Instagram.

Protecting critical information from a cyber pandemic

Having up to date and effective cybersecurity is more vital now than ever, and a Chamber of Commerce briefing next month will focus on what businesses can do to improve their cybersecurity in the face of growing threats.

JT is sponsoring a breakfast briefing on Thursday 19th May at the Royal Yacht, which will include security specialist insights, local cyber intelligence, and a discussion on just how to secure your business-critical information.

An expert panel of specialists from the world of cybersecurity will discuss how to prepare for and mitigate against potential cyber threats.

Katie Corbett, Interim Managing Director, JT Channel Islands, said: “Mandatory training on the systems, policies and processes that make a business function has always been seen as a core requirement for any company. But now, more than ever before, it has become vital that companies prioritise the training for all staff on cybersecurity threats. They must be kept up to date with the latest methods utilised by attackers and how to spot and prevent cyberattacks. As corporate governance and regulatory bodies place more and more emphasis on meeting security compliance metrics it is a significant challenge for any business to keep up. It’s often by learning from experts at events such as this that those responsible for setting the standards in their own organisation can feel adequately equipped to deal with such pressures.”

Jennifer Carnegie, President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, added: “Cyber criminals have no respect for national boundaries, so we are all vulnerable to attack.  It is vital that businesses, large and small, are aware of the threat, pass that awareness on to their people and make sure they are properly trained to deal with it. It only takes one slip up to cause a breach that puts a company and their customers’ data at risk.”


JT provides cyber threat advisory and managed cybersecurity services that help organisations identify, understand and control their security risks.

JT protects Australian consumers from fraud

JT International, a division of the JT Group headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands, is partnering with mobile network operators across Australia to help businesses identify and prevent fraudulent activity. JT’s Fraud Protection Services (FPS) platform has the ability to access rich network data in real time, to help businesses identify and prevent fraudulent activity.

The Australian Telecoms industry (Comms Alliance and all the leading Australian Mobile Network Operators) have selected and implemented the JT FPS solution to identify SIM Swap activity. JT’s FPS was chosen as the only real time solution which could identify SIM Swap fraud across all Australian operator networks.

Implemented with a leading bank in Australia, the network data provided by the JT FPS solution has already proven to be highly effective in protecting their clients against account takeover fraud.

By working with mobile and virtual network operators worldwide, JT’s Fraud Protection Services provide the broadest global coverage possible to help prevent account takeover fraud. The service is widely used by banks, financial institutions and payment solution providers throughout the UK and around the world, providing additional security to mitigate risk; and is now available to all business sectors in Australia.

The risk of compromising personal and financial data remains a major challenge for many businesses as they seek to protect their customers from scams, despite stricter online security measures. In addition to rich data sources, JT provides an SMS firewall solution that protects consumers against smishing attacks. In conjunction with its Mobile Network Operator partners around the world, JT provides secure connectivity for mobile communication channels and authentication processes that validate transactions.

Clare Messenger, Head of Fraud Protection Services at JT, said: “Account take over by criminals is a significant problem. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have the ability to provide rich information that in turn helps businesses determine if a customer’s account has been compromised. Working on behalf of MNOs, JT has developed a platform that provides them with real time data, crucial to preventing scams such as Sim Swap Fraud. I’m delighted that our launch in Australia has been so successful.’’

Daragh McDermott appointed as CEO of JT Group

Following a rigorous appointment process, the Board of JT Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Daragh McDermott as its new Chief Executive Officer, who takes over with immediate effect from Interim CEO John Diamond.

He has worked in JT for over 20 years, with a key role across all strategic decisions during that time, from the rollout of fibre to the creation and development of JT’s recently sold IoT business. The Board concluded that Daragh’s experience and deep understanding of the business made him the ideal person to lead the company into its next phase of development.

Chairman of the JT Group, Phil Male, commented: “JT has a proud tradition of developing its people, and it is with great pleasure that we have appointed Daragh to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

“He has an exceptional track record of service to JT and understands the business and the ambitious five-year strategy recently approved by the Board and our shareholder. We ran a thorough process, overseen by the Jersey Appointments Commission, and I am delighted that we are now able to announce Daragh’s successful appointment. He thoroughly deserves this opportunity and I am certain that our people, our customers and our stakeholders will join me in congratulating him.

“I would also like to thank John Diamond for his hard work as Interim CEO – his calm and incisive leadership has been a real asset to all at JT.”

Daragh McDermott added: “It is a huge privilege to step up to the position of CEO and to continue working with the fantastic team here in JT to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead, as well as manage some significant challenges that are coming down the line. Central to this will be putting customers interests’ at the very heart of what we do, while continuing to invest heavily in the Channel Islands’ critical national infrastructure and rebuilding and growing our international portfolio. Our ambitious investment plans for the next five years will see JT invest in excess of £100m in our networks and I want to ensure this is done in a way that benefits both the wider economies that we serve and every single customer that will be making use of the reliable and robust world-class networks that we operate.”

Solar energy trial for JT exchange

Although the west of the island is generally more known for its fabulous sunsets, now the sun’s rays are being put to another use in a trial that will see one of JT’s telephone exchanges using renewable energy. In the first trial of its kind by JT, 84 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are being installed on the roof of the West Exchange in St Ouen’s Village.

JT’s 10-year Sustainability Strategy commits the company to move 50% of its energy consumption to renewable sources by 2025. This has already resulted in a successful project with the Little Green Energy Company in Sark to use the sun’s energy to help power the JT mobile network on the island.

In Jersey, JT is working with solar energy experts SunWorks to install the panels on the roof of the West Exchange building. The pilot will see the extent to which the solar can provide a supplementary source of electricity, if successful, it could be used across more sites around the island reducing JT’s reliance on the grid.

Tom Noel, JT’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, said: “We made a clear promise when we launched our Sustainability Strategy that we would apply its principals across every part of our business. One of the most visible demonstrations of that is to install solar panels on prominent sites and we hope that the trial will tell us whether it will work elsewhere. As a technology business, we use a large amount of energy and if we can switch to renewable sources of power where possible,  we will make less impact on the planet – using energy generated in the sunniest place in the British Isles.”

Mark Brandon, Director of SunWorks, said: “When a company like JT comes to us with plans to use renewable energy in a practical way, we know we are dealing with a client that’s speaking the same language as us. It is important for the larger local businesses like JT to consider where their electricity comes from and make all efforts to use local resources for electricity generation. This supports the global transition to renewables and can deliver significant long term savings on electricity.”

Pedalling their way to work, JT joins EVie travel scheme

JT team members are being offered a 20% discount on using e-bikes and e-vehicles to help meet targets on reducing carbon emissions. The telecom company has joined the EVie Corporate Partner Programme which offers reductions on using EVie’s sustainable transport solutions.

The benefits of encouraging more people to cycle or use an electric vehicle include boosting productivity and wellbeing, but it also means fewer vehicles on Jersey’s roads as greener alternatives are chosen for getting to and from work and to meetings and work appointments.

The scheme offers JT team members discounted access to EVieBikes, EVie cars and vans, bike servicing and the BlueBike subscription that provides full-time use of a bike.

Tom Noel, JT’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, said: “We see this as a really positive step towards sustainable business travel. We already have a bike discount scheme where we provide our people with help towards buying a bike and the ongoing maintenance, but this partnership means they don’t have to own their own bike. Instead, they get the benefit of leading a healthier lifestyle through the scheme which is also helping JT meet its sustainability goals and contributes to the reduction of air pollution on Channel Island roads – it’s a win all round.”

Jamie Kelly, CEO of EVie, said: “We see our corporate partner programme as a way of making a real difference to reducing carbon emissions. Our programme aims to provide convenient, healthy and sustainable shared use travel. It helps by reducing the need to have private parking and cuts down on the use and demand for public parking spaces. To date, EVie users have displaced 55 tonnes of CO2. What works well for many businesses that have joined our Corporate Partner Programme is the BlueBike subscription that provides their people with a bike for their full-time use. It reduces the hassle and if something goes wrong, we’ll replace it with a new one.”