JT and Guernsey Cancer Support, together making a difference

At the beginning of 2021, JT selected Guernsey Cancer Support as its chosen charity for the year and together they have achieved a great deal in a short amount of time.

Over the past year, their partnership has raised over £5000 through various fundraising initiatives and more importantly helped to create a much greater awareness of the Charity’s offering in the island, which has seen an unprecedented level of demand for the charity’s services and growth in their social media following.

In addition, thanks to equipment and technology provided by JT, Guernsey Cancer Support’s members were able to stay connected to their loved ones when travelling off-island for treatment, with free data devices.

The fundraising efforts of JT employees and islanders at such events as the JT sponsored Cobo Bay Balcony Gigs has helped with much needed operational changes, supported islanders travelling for medical treatment, and funded several social gatherings for members, family and friends.

In particular the new and much-anticipated morning group sessions. These meetings are crucial for Guernsey Cancer Support to help members who are undergoing treatment or those who are dealing with loss or grief due to cancer.

Tamara O’Brien, Deputy Managing Director, JT Guernsey, said: ‘Guernsey Cancer Support is a unique and very special charity, offering support to islanders who are going through difficult times. Through working with the team, we have seen first-hand how the charity plays a huge part in the lives of so many people in our community and we were delighted to support such an amazing team of dedicated people. We have accomplished a great deal together this year, from kickstarting their fundraising to growing their profile in the island which has led to many more enquiries from potential new members.

‘I speak on behalf of everyone at JT in saying that it has been our privilege to watch this wonderful charity grow. We wish them every success as they continue to build on what we have achieved together.’

Gill Syvret-Berboda, Chair of Guernsey Cancer Support, said: ‘JT have been a pleasure to work with and have given our charity vital support during what has been a particularly difficult period. With their support, 2021 initiatives have made such a positive impact on islanders who are living with cancer. Before this, there was a small number of people who knew about our services, now the whole community recognises who we are and what we do. Thanks to JT, our profile has grown and we can now offer new services to our members that we didn’t have before.’

JT and Macmillan Jersey – two years of making a difference

Over the past two years, JT and Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey have forged a strong relationship.

Macmillian Jersey was voted by the people of JT as their chosen charity in 2020 and 2021. It was the first time JT had extended its close working relationship with the same charity beyond one year as the JT team felt the charity deserved a second year of fundraising given the impact the pandemic had on their fundraising efforts.  With JT’s help, the local charity has;

  • Developed and launched a brand new campaign, ‘Get Together for Good’ a week of fund-raising which took the charity’s traditional annual coffee morning, to a new level, helping to raise thousands of pounds.
  • Relaunched the regular giving campaign exceeding last year’s total by £3,000.
  • Provided a much needed loan phone service to islanders traveling off-island for treatment, ensuring they can stay in touch with family and friends at no cost to them.

This year’s fundraising efforts concluded with JT’s own internal annual Christmas raffle, which included various tech prizes from the Telco, plus some prizes generously donated by the local companies that JT works with.

Whilst money is still coming in from the various events, the year’s total fundraising and donation efforts between the two is set to reach almost £40,000.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director, JT Channel Islands, said: “We recognise how large a part Macmillan Jersey plays in the lives of many people in our community and we were delighted to continue our support through 2021, extending our relationship with the charity for a second year. I speak on behalf of everyone at JT in saying how deeply humbled we have been working with the brilliant team at Macmillan. It really has been an honour and a privilege to work with them.”

Steph Gibaut, of Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey, said: “The team at JT have been a pleasure to work with and have given our charity vital and very generous support during what has been a particularly difficult period. From the word go, JT were full of ideas about how they could support us and what they brought with them made an enormous difference. The videos that were filmed and broadcast over JT’s social media channels reached thousands of people and help us to communicate what we do to a much wider audience. We also now have a fantastic fundraising week in September thanks to JT which we will continue long into the future.”

Increase in JT fibre connections in Guernsey

With the exciting news that every home in Guernsey is due to be connected to full fibre by 2026, the Channel Islands most experienced fibre network provider has already connected nearly 300 customers to JT Fibre.

Since 2013 when JT made the first-full fibre connection to homes in Guernsey, 271 customers are now using the JT Fibre service and getting speeds of up to 1Gb/s with a further six connected through the new Guernsey community fibre project.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director JT Channel Islands, said: “As a world leader in fibre roll out, we are fully supportive of the ambitious plans in Guernsey to connect every property. We have been steadily connecting customers to the JT Fibre network in Guernsey since 2013 and we are now offering connections onto the Wholesale Guernsey Fibre network as they become available. The businesses who are already connected to fibre will tell you that being connected to fibre gives you a massive advantage. We are delighted to play our part in opening up the opportunities that access to super-fast speeds provide to homes and the local economy.”

JT partnership with leading tech company helps with global supply issues

JT is doing its bit for the planet while also providing its business clients with a solution to the ongoing global supply chain problems and shortage of components thanks to their Cisco Premier Partner status.

Businesses that are facing difficulty replacing equipment such as phones, routers and security products are being offered re-manufactured digital equipment by JT through its Cisco Refresh service. Re-manufactured equipment saves resources and reduces waste by breathing new life into old or used products.

As part of JT’s commitment to addressing increasing environmental pressures in its 10-year Sustainability Strategy, the company is working with its partner Cisco, one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of digital services and equipment, to repurpose and reuse legacy kit under their circular economy pillar.

Katie Corbett, Director of Enterprise and Business Services, said: “Many islanders will know how hard it can be at times to buy items such as games consoles due to a global shortage of components, such as computer chips. It’s the same for businesses trying to upgrade or replace essential equipment. The solution we’re offering means our customers can avoid supply chain disruptions whilst also being able to buy sustainable products that have a low carbon footprint. Business customers get the same warranty protection and support that they would with brand new products, but it gives us the opportunity to service them faster, in a more  sustainable and cost effective way. The feedback so far has been fantastic and we’re excited to help and support more businesses in the same way going into 2022.”

Jersey’s future engineering given a helping hand by JT

JT has teamed up with the UK’s leading engineering scholarship programme to encourage more young islanders to gain a head start with their careers in engineering and technology. The telecoms company is sponsoring two Jersey A Levels students, Annabel Mair, Jersey College for Girls and Eden Powell, Victoria College, who have each been awarded a prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship following a rigorous selection process which began with their teachers recommending them for the scheme.

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship programme has been running for over 30 years and has granted over 6,000 scholarships with 45% of those awarded in 2021 being to female students. The scheme has helped thousands of young people across the UK and Channel Islands to achieve their dream of a career in engineering, computing or technical design at university or through a higher-level apprenticeship.

It’s open to all 16-year-olds across the UK and Channel Islands, with each student being sponsored by an employer, institution, trust or private donor. Being the only Channel Island sponsor this year, JT is also offering work experience opportunities to the two students awarded the Scholarships as it continues to encourage and support more young people to get involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.

Annabel Mair, said: ‘’I am so grateful for this scholarship and thrilled to be given the chance to work with JT over the next few years. Having always loved the problem solving and creative aspects of engineering, I am keen to find a career that I am passionate about with the vital support that I am being provided by Arkwright. I am eager to gather as much advice as I can from the wide range of professionals and mentors at JT and plan to make the most out of this incredible opportunity.’’

Eden Powell, said: ‘’I am fascinated by how engineering can be used to solve many diverse medical problems, resulting in incredible innovations such as 3D printed organs, advanced prosthetics and pioneering wearable devices. Having the support to develop my engineering interests from both my school and from a business such as JT, puts me in a fortunate position to make the most of the opportunities the Arkwright Scholarship presents.’’

Nicola Reeves, JT Group HR Director, said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer the first JT Arkwright Engineering Scholarships and hope that Annabel and Eden will inspire other young people to look at the breadth of exciting roles available. The process they went through, once they had been put forward by their teachers, included an exam and interview which really helps to prepare them for what it will be like when they apply for roles in the future. It’s our hope that by working with local students from an early age, it will demonstrate the many opportunities for home grown local talent at JT, building strong relationships with schools and students across the islands as we support our future innovators in engineering as they look to engineer a better world.”

The jolliest virtual experience as Santa connects with Channel Island children

Santa is again inviting families to safely enjoy a much loved Christmas tradition by connecting virtually with children across the Channel Islands, using a little help from the local JT Elves.

Last year, due to restrictions on gatherings, Santa was sadly unable to make his usual visit to the JT shops and instead, with the help of his most technically able assistant, Elfie, he chatted to children just after breakfast on Sunday mornings in the run up to Christmas. The North Pole live streams were so popular that Santa and Elfie didn’t need any persuading from Mrs Claus to set aside time this year to meet the islands children online again, direct from Santa’s Grotto in the North Pole.  Elfie is so excited and Santa has been practising by having regular online meetings with the JT Elves, so there’s not much he’s not aware of.

Tamara O’Brien, Group Head of Marketing, Brand and Customer Experience, said: “What could be more magical than seeing and talking to Santa, it’s one of the most memorable experiences children can have at Christmas. So when Elfie got in touch with us to help enhance Santa’s home Wi-Fi  we jumped at the chance.  Thanks to JT’s Total Wi-fi we’ve made sure local children didn’t miss out on seeing him. Like everyone else, Santa has had to adapt, but he’s been around for a long time and has seen many changes.  My daughter and I will definitely be tuned in again as we love to hear him reading out everyone’s messages”.

Parents and children will be able to type their questions and present requests live on the Facebook stream and, with the help of Elfie, Santa will answer questions, play some games and may even share some secrets about the Reindeers.

There is no need to book. Simply register your interest via Facebook Live events on the JTsocial page. Reminders and updates will be sent to everyone who registers.

Macmillan Jersey’s Get Together for Good brings out the best

Last year, JT and Macmillan Jersey changed what was an annual coffee morning event into 7 days of activities that brought people together and raised over £26,000 for the local charity. Now in its second year, the  event  attracted much more support with events taking place all over the island. Funds are still coming in but the charity expects to raise in excess of £30,000, with over £6,000 coming from their partners JT, who held their own internal charity week in tandem, raising £3,000 which was then £4£ matched by the company.

The event was initially created to enable the charity to continue with a well-established fundraising tradition during a difficult fundraising period, which has now  become a new firm favourite in Jersey’s community calendar.

Steph Gibaut, Head of Income Generation for Macmillan Jersey, said: “It’s been amazing to see how ‘Get Together for Good’ is evolving alongside Jersey’s Greatest Coffee Morning, which so many people still like to hold. The contribution and support from the community has surpassed all our expectations, from the fantastic prizes to give away in our Charity Raffle, to film nights and a special coffee blend, it’s surprising how much you can pack into one week of fun. Every penny raised will go towards the essential work that we do in supporting cancer patients, their family, friends and work colleagues. As a Jersey charity that doesn’t receive any funding from Macmillan UK, our services can only be provided thanks to the generosity of the many local people who support us. After such a financially challenging year, we are so grateful to those that went the extra mile to support us and want to give special thanks to JT who have over the past two years become so much more to us than just a sponsor’’.

Daragh McDermott, JT’s Managing Director, Channel Islands said: “It’s truly  inspiring to work with a team like Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey. Over the past two years we’ve worked together to create an annual fundraising event that allows people to design their own activity, have some fun but above all, help support those, who support our loved ones.  JT offices around the world took on a very different look for that week in September, with all of our people embracing the theme and pulling together to raise money, awareness and have a good time. We held 28 independent events, ranging from  an online ‘Duck Derby’ to a pop-up clothes shop, and a coffee and cake morning across all of our global offices. The icing on the cake was to see Fort Regent glow green all week for Macmillan Jersey awareness.

Macmillan Jersey not only motivate us at JT, they’ve also captured the hearts of our entire community, with so many people and businesses around the island coming together to support this great event, it just shows how we can all be part of one team, united in our efforts to make a difference’’.

Scouts use JT technology

Scouts use JT technology to make activities safer and more fun

Adventurous activities for young people in Jersey have been made safer and more challenging thanks to modern GPS-led SMART technology donated by JT.

Scout leaders from two island Scout groups are now using handheld devices powered by JT SIMs that send them data that enables them to monitor their troops from a safe distance during expeditions, hikes and bicycle rides.

This provides an extra layer of safety when the Scouts – who are aged from 10 to 14 – take part in activities that are aimed at developing teamwork, navigation skills and problem solving.

Dan O’Connor, Scout Leader, 23rd Jersey Scout Group, said: “We’ve recently been introduced to GPS tracking by a Scout leader from another group, and thanks to JT’s help both groups can now use this to deliver a more challenging programme.  Our Scouts are eager to get outdoors and to face challenges. They want to make their own decisions. This technology allows us to create activities which are exciting but also safe, where the perceived level of danger is much higher than the actual level of risk. The Scouts are developing independence, resilience and teamwork skills, but they’re also having fun.  We can track exactly where each group is and how fast they’re moving, allowing us to supervise them from a safe distance and provide help only if it becomes necessary. This gives them a greater sense of freedom and responsibility, not to mention the huge sense of accomplishment and confidence boost they get from completing a task without any adult help.”

Tom Noel, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, added: “Scouting is very popular in Jersey, but it’s reliant on the people who volunteer their time as leaders to provide fun and challenging activities for the island’s youth. With many of our own JT people actively involved in the scout movement we wanted to find a way we could use our digital expertise and network to help evolve practical activities. By using JT SIMs, leaders can link the small GPS trackers the Scouts take with them to provide real time positioning so they can see where they are on a map. The scouting motto is Be Prepared’ and I think this is a fantastic way to help our young people learn important life skills and show great teamwork and leadership. They can plan and execute each outing, while their leaders can ensure they are comfortable, warm, safe and, most of all, prepared to face the unexpected — but safe in the knowledge that if needed, they can step in to support.”

Fort Regent to turn green to mark Macmillan Jersey’s ‘Get Together for Good’ campaign

The dome on Fort Regent will glow green for the whole of next week to mark the ‘Get Together for Good’ campaign for Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey supported by JT.

The week, which starts on Monday 20 September and runs until 26 September, will feature activities that islanders can get involved in, either hosting an event at home or taking part in activities with friends, family and work colleagues.

Last year, JT and Macmillan changed the annual fundraising coffee morning to a 7-day event, raising over £26,000. This year there are even more opportunities to make a real difference and raise even more to ensure cancer support services continue for locals.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director, JT Channel Islands, said: “After the success of last year, we want supporters to have even more opportunities to get involved which is what the ‘Get Together for Good’ week is all about. We chose Macmillan Jersey as our main charity in 2020, it was such a great partnership that when we asked our people at JT to continue our link with Macmillan Jersey for another year, they overwhelmingly agreed. I’m really pleased to see so many of our own partners and customers supporting this year by putting on events all over this island. We hope this will inspire more people to get inloved, organise an event and send out an invitation to friends in the name of ‘Get Together for Good.’’

Island businesses have embraced the new concept and set their own challenges. Coopers Coffee has created a special Macmillan coffee blend, Randalls Group are hosting quizzes every night during the week and Santander Work Café is hosting their very own greatest coffee morning, events will be happening all week at the JT shop in Queen’s Street.

Lauren Perchard-Rees, Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey, said: “There are so many individual fund-raising events happening all over the island next week with people getting together and sharing some time to support our services. As a charity, we are available to everyone affected by cancer and we are so grateful for the support we receive from JT who have helped us expand this event more than we could have imagined. All next week Fort Regent will be lit up in green, highlighting how our team at Macmillan Jersey do a wonderful job in bringing people affected by cancer together and help cancer patients enjoy life to the fullest.”

JT Technology linking GB gold medal winners to a global audience

Sports fans around the world will be glued to their screens this weekend watching some of the world’s top triathletes compete in Jersey, thanks to the connectivity provided by JT, the Official Technology Partner of the 2021 Super League Triathlon Jersey (SLT).

With Elizabeth Castle providing the backdrop, the SLT Championship Series returns on Saturday 18 September after a two-year absence with a host of Olympic medallists, including Team GB’s gold medal winners Alex Yee, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Jonny Brownlee and Jess Learmonth.

In a change to the usual format, SLT Teams puts the biggest names in triathlon into teams to compete against each other in the SLT Championship and, thanks to the technology supplied by JT, reaching 1.6 billion sports fans world wide will enjoy all the action as it is broadcast live from the Waterfront.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director, JT Channel Islands, said: “After we watched and celebrated their success in Tokyo, it’s fantastic to be welcoming so many athletes fresh from the Olympics to our island.

“We are immensely proud of our continued involvement in the Super League Triathlon, helping to share this global event to the many fans of triathlon around the world and showcasing the best of what Jersey has to offer; that includes the excellent connectivity delivered by our full-fibre broadband network, which has recently been ranked as the very best in the world.

“We want to wish all the competitors the best as they line up for what is a highlight of the year, and we are delighted to be involved.”

Michael D’Hulst, CEO and Co-Founder of SLT, added: “We have worked closely with JT right from the beginning and they have been a huge supporter of everything we are doing to bring this fantastic sport to a new, global audience. It would simply not happen without the super-fast fibre connectivity that JT has made available in Jersey. Our athletes love the welcome they receive when they come to Jersey and relish the challenges of racing on the tight and narrow course around the St Helier Waterfront. Super League Triathlon is fast paced racing at its most exciting and, with our partners at JT, we can share the atmosphere from this fantastic event to a global audience.”