Enhanced Internet Connectivity at The Croft with Advanced Wi-Fi Technology

The Croft, a residential care unit in St Sampson, has had a recent upgrade to its internet infrastructure to improve online accessibility for visitors, staff and service users. This was made possible by a generous contribution from the JT Community Giving scheme, which donated JT Total Wi-Fi for the property, maximising their existing broadband connection.

Operated by the Child Development Service, The Croft is a six-bedroom home that provides a short break and respite service for children and young people up to the age of 18 with moderate to severe learning needs or complex physical disabilities. The service also provides support to users in their own home or in community settings as well as running special needs play and activity schemes in the major school holidays.

The donated Plume Pods expand Wi-Fi coverage throughout a building, ensuring a stable and reliable connection that can support the growing number of digital devices being used within The Croft on a daily basis. They also incorporate cutting-edge cyber-protection and intuitive parental controls, creating a safer online environment for all users. JT also donated a set of iPads to help with the team’s learning programmes, providing a portable and accessible way to boost the children’s education and creativity wherever they are.

Nick Phipps, Centre Manager for The Croft said: “We’re really grateful to JT Community Giving for their generous support, which has truly transformed our digital capabilities. This has not only improved the learning and leisure experiences for our kids but also boosted the resources available to our staff and the programming we can offer. It’s made a significant difference in how everyone, children, staff, and visitors, can connect and interact, improving our community’s overall digital experience.”

Kate Marshall, Head of Guernsey Enterprise at JT, commented on the project’s impact: ” Access to the internet is a doorway to the world for everyone, by improving these connections, we’re not just opening up a network; we’re supporting the team at The Croft to unlock countless opportunities for learning, engagement, and growth. For us at JT, our Community Giving Scheme is about ensuring everyone, regardless of their abilities, can safely explore, learn, and thrive in today’s digital age.’’

The Community Giving scheme is open to all registered charities, schools, and community groups across the Channel Islands that meet at least one of four criteria: community support, digital inclusivity, raising awareness of mental and physical health and wellbeing, and environmental improvement.

For more information about JT Community Giving, FAQs and an application form, go to: https://www.jtglobal.com/community-giving/

On Your Marks, Get Set, Grow: Healthy snacks provided by JT

This year, children attending the ‘On Your Marks’ holiday sports sessions hosted by the Guernsey Sports Commission will be treated to fresh fruit, provided by JT’s Community Giving scheme.

‘On Your Marks’ provides multi-sports and sports taster sessions for children and young people during the school holidays, focusing on fun through physical activity from a young age.

Up to 100 children and young people attend each session and enjoy a full morning of games and activities including sports such as football, cricket, hockey, netball and softball.

Once a week the Commission likes to provide a free fruit break for all the children and young people to encourage them to eat more fruit, and often to try new varieties they may not have experienced before.  To help keep costs low for parents, the Commission applied to the JT Community Giving scheme asking for assistance in offering healthy and wholesome snacks for the children.

Nicky Will from the Guernsey Sports Commission explained: ‘Being able to provide a healthy snack for everyone who attends, at least once a week helps to reinforce a healthy lifestyle and is popular with everyone.  Thanks to JT’s help we’re able to provide a wide selection of fresh fruit such as strawberries, watermelon, grapes and oranges and as soon as it all hits the tables the children swoop in, and it’s all gone in a matter of minutes.’

Kate Marshall, Head of Guernsey Enterprise at JT said: ‘We all know the importance of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet; the ‘On Your Marks’ holiday activities are a brilliant way to encourage those choices from a young age, introducing them to good habits that can last a lifetime. For us, our support is about reinforcing the positive energy gained from play while at the same time helping their wellbeing with nutritious food. It’s practical support which aligns with our belief in the positive impact of small, meaningful actions.’’

JT Community Giving helps local projects and initiatives by offering them the opportunity to apply for funding, devices, subscriptions, technical support, or even hands-on help from some of JT’s many willing volunteers.

For more information about JT Community Giving, FAQs and an application form, go to: https://www.jtglobal.com/community-giving/

JT Support Jersey Mencap as part of their Community Giving Scheme

Jersey Mencap is the latest charitable cause to receive support from JT’s Community Giving scheme. JT’s donation has allowed the charity to purchase reaction lights that will support its members with a range of abilities to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and cognitive skills while having fun.

The innovative technology uses a series of lights to trigger a response. The light creates stimuli, causing us to react by turning it off with a foot or hand. Each light has a sensor that records the number of times it is extinguished within a defined timeframe. The sensor can be monitored over time to track progress and identify any areas that may need improvement.

This unique form of mental training creates significant changes within the brain. Neurotransmitters deliver important information that tells parts of the body to start moving. The more the neurotransmitters move, the faster and more efficiently they are received, allowing us to be more agile and efficient when responding to stimuli, such as playing sport or having a conversation.

Jersey Mencap has around 150 members with learning disabilities. They offer weekly activities that will appeal to their members, provide more structure to their week, build friendships, and a chance to try something new.

Ali Hand, Activity Coordinator at Jersey Mencap, explained: ‘Working in partnership with Jersey Sport, our members attend a weekly circuit training session to improve physical fitness that has been running for a number of years. The reaction lights are so versatile and, with the help of a personal trainer, can be used for many different games and exercises, which can be adapted to the level of ability. Introducing the reaction light training has been fun because we’re learning to use them together, and it has created an interactive way for our members to have fun and improve their skills.

‘The reaction lights are expensive to buy, which is why we’re so grateful to JT for this wonderful donation.’

Pip Carpenter, JT’s Head of Consumer Markets, said: ‘It is fascinating to see how this innovative technology can help islanders with physical disabilities whilst also being fun.

‘Once we understood how these special reaction lights could be used and the benefits they offer Mencap’s members, we were keen to help. It’s exactly the kind of project JT loves to support through our Community Giving scheme.’

Applications for this year’s JT Community Giving Scheme are open, with reviews taking place every three months. It’s an open call to not-for-profit organisations, schools, and community groups across the Channel Islands to join JT’s journey of community enhancement and support.

JT connects with Guernsey Charities

Recently, more than 50 Guernsey charities gathered at the Swallow Pavilion at La Vallette to mark the first anniversary of JT Community Giving, established by the technology company a year ago to support local projects and initiatives.

This was an opportunity for the charities to learn more about JT Community Giving and how to apply for funding, digital devices, subscriptions, technical support, or hands-on assistance from some of JT’s many volunteers.

It was a unique gathering of the exceptional people who selflessly give their time to others – an opportunity for them to share not only the ways they’ve benefited from JT Community Giving donations but also their personal stories. This special event served as a platform for making friends and establishing new partnerships, creating an even stronger and supportive community network.

Aaron Davies, Childrens Service Manager from Action for Children explained: ‘‘We successfully applied to the JT Community Giving scheme and got approval for mobile phones to help young islanders facing homelessness. This allows them to keep in touch with us and other community services they might need. The application was straightforward, and the donation makes a big difference to our team and the young people, who can now be reached at any time and can reach out for help whenever they need it.’’

There were five JT team members on hand at the event to explain the application process and give examples of donations and support that some of the 120 charities across the Channel Islands have benefitted from since the scheme began a year ago, attracting over a dozen new requests solely from this event.

Kat Gillespie from King George V (KGV) playing fields and Community Centre added: ‘‘We went to the JT Community Giving event to see what kind of support we could get, like many other charities, we struggle with raising awareness and funds. The event was great because we met many others facing the same challenges. The JT team were very helpful and friendly, and we were surprised to learn how straightforward the application process was. Now that we know, we’ve filled out our first application, asking for a raffle prize for our big Euros prize draw.’’

Pip Carpenter, Head of Consumer Markets at JT Group said: ‘’As a local business it’s always been important to us that we give back to our community. It was a real pleasure for me to meet the people behind these charities and hear firsthand about the amazing work they do. These groups serve as the bedrock for a strong support network across our island, offering essential support to families who would be lost without them. The continued success of our scheme is a testament to the collective strength found in these grassroots initiatives, and by continuing to support these vital organisations, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our fellow islanders. Together, we contribute to the overall well-being of our community, promoting inclusivity and interconnection for all.”

Silver award for JT’s diverse and inclusive culture

JT’s continuous focus on being a great place to work has been recognised as it moves up a level in a national awards scheme that measures progress on diversity and inclusion. The company is among 43 organisations that have received a TIDE Silver award, with other winners including BAE Systems, Engineering and Glasgow City Council.

In 2022, the telecommunications company achieved bronze and its latest Silver TIDE (Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation) rating from the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion saw JT’s score improve from 61% in 2022 to 74% in 2023, putting it in 34th place out of 171 organisations.

Sarah Gosiewska, JT Head of Talent, said: “For us, diversity and inclusion means acknowledging and appreciating perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, creating a working environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued for who they are. This highlights the continuous effort we put into life at JT.

TIDE awards are given to employers that rank highest on a benchmarking system that measures progress and commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion. JT was also ranked in first place in its region for recruitment after investing in anti-bias software and introducing enhanced diversity reporting. The local telco was also recognised for increasing its diversity among senior management positions.

Laura Belo, Head of HR at JT, added: “The TIDE process ensures that we strive for continuous progress against recognised targets. It’s also about tuning our work culture into what our people want and need, recognising and rewarding their talents, and creating an organisation where everyone feels not only valued but empowered. The average length of time people stay with JT is nearly ten years, a testament to people of all ages working side by side, from 18 to 67. With our long-term goals of working towards continual improvement, we hope that our score will continue to reflect the genuine efforts that the whole team is making.”

Two New Defibrillators Enhance Emergency Response in St Helier

A further two emergency heart starting devices have been added to the network of defibrillators in St Helier. The public access defibrillators are outside JT’s headquarters at the Forum in Grenville Street and at the former JT shop in Minden Place.

Working with the Jersey Heart Support Group, the two Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) join a network of more than 80 distinctive yellow and green cabinets in prominent places around the island, that includes parish halls, Jersey Zoo, the Liberation Station and opposite the public entrance to the States building.

Derren Le Breton Glover, Property and Health and Safety Manager, from JT, said: “Having a large network of Public Access Defibrillators provides reassurance that life-saving emergency equipment is readily available if needed. Knowing the location of a defibrillator can be the difference between life and death and with more of them in prominent known locations, members of the public can get to them or be informed by the emergency services where the nearest portable machine can be found. We are delighted to help expand and improve the network so that these vital devices can be accessed quickly and easily.”

The Jersey Heart Support Group started installing AEDs in public areas a decade ago and has relied on donations and sponsorship to expand the network to over 80 today. They join those already available in workplaces that are also known to the emergency services, but more of those could be made accessible to the public.

Mandi Corley Harris, Chair of the Jersey Heart Support Group, added: “It is vitally important that the emergency services know where every defibrillator is but not all will be accessible and that’s why we are so pleased when companies like JT sponsor two that anyone can use in an emergency. Training is also giving to members of staff so that they can use them quickly and confidently. A few years ago, we started a campaign to ‘Liberate Defibrillators’ so that more AEDs could be made available on the outside of buildings in external cabinets. We rely on support from companies and individuals who are community minded and want to help us save lives.”

Young people forge global connections at the world’s largest digital Scouting event

Local Scouts, Cubs, and Beavers are now bridging borders and connecting with their peers worldwide, thanks to a generous donation of refurbished laptops from JT Community Giving.

The annual international Jamboree-On-The Internet (JOTI), held alongside the Jamboree-On-The-Air, not only challenges but encourages members of Jersey’s Scout movement to make online connections with young people all over the world either through the internet or over shortwave radio.

The 10th Jersey Scout Group applied to JT Community Giving to replace their aging desktop computers. Their outdated devices were no longer fit for purpose, limiting activities for the group. Although new to the group, these laptops have been refurbished as part of JT’s commitment to repurposing equipment, they will not only facilitate participation in international events but also in engaging educational activities as part of the broader scouting program.

Pip Carpenter, Head of Commercial Market at JT, said: “JT Community Giving, launched just a year ago, is delighted to be able to help so many charities and organisations benefit from practical assistance. In this case, the Scouts received refurbished equipment, aiding them in running their program of activities and events. Scouting provides a safe and fun environment that challenges and develops young people from all backgrounds. It’s fantastic that we can support them in connecting with scouts worldwide and sharing their interests using the power of the internet. It’s truly amazing how technology can bridge cultures and generations.”

During the weekend of activities held in November, scouts contacted young people as far away as South Korea and Indonesia, using the 10 reconditioned laptops, they will also be used throughout the year to help young people work towards their Digital Citizen activity badge.

Glen Militis, Island Lead Volunteer and Acting Group Scout Leader 10th Jersey Scout Group added: “Scouting is all about preparing young people for life and having good digital skills is essential in today’s world. We help the young people who make up our Beaver, Cubs and Scout sections learn about how digital technology works and how it can enhance their lives. The laptops from JT are a massive boost to how we deliver that programme. Thanks to JT’s Community Giving Scheme, we now have up to date IT equipment that will serve us well for years to come, an essential element in delivering our scouting program.”

JT’s support boosts new mobile food bank

Equipment and technology donated by JT will help a mobile food bank reach more people in need this winter. Church charity, St Vincent de Paul Society Jersey, applied for help from the JT Community Giving scheme which helps local projects and initiatives by offering essential support through funding, technology, technical expertise and dedicated volunteers to local projects and initiatives.

The charity has seen a steady rise in demand for its services, especially its food bank at St Thomas’ Hall in St Helier and it asked for help to create a mobile food bank to visit rural parishes. JT provided the charity with mobile services and an internet-based phone system, enabling the charity’s volunteers to manage the food bank and respond to client calls, regardless of their location.

Pip Carpenter, Head of Commercial Market at JT, said: “The rising cost of living has affected many people in our community and projects like this one are making a significant difference, especially after the devastation caused by Storm Ciarán. One of the reasons that we set up the community giving scheme was to support as many groups with their outreach work as we can. Having the ability to manage their operations while being away from base will help the charity reach more of the people who need their support.”

Throughout the summer, the charity initiated a mobile food bank trial to assist families and elderly individuals who found it challenging to travel into town. Thanks to JT’s donation of mobile broadband, they were able to effectively manage this service expansion.

Dominic Egré, Operations Manager at St Vincent de Paul, says access to these services has been of more value to its operations than a simple cash donation would have been. “This summer and autumn have seen a steady increase in Islanders needing our services which has had us running flat out trying to make sure we can help as many people as possible. It wasn’t long before our trial foodbank became oversubscribed, and unfortunately, we will soon need to expand the service.

JT donated a free mobile broadband service along with a JT Cloud PBX phone system which has really helped us transform the way we do things. The Cloud phone answering and forwarding system has been the most amazing resource and allows all members of our team to make and receive calls from our normal number but using their own devices. We now have virtually no cases where clients or donors’ calls are missed because we are able to respond immediately. The ability for clients to see our normal number appear on their phones makes them more likely to answer, but also maintains the privacy and security of our volunteers, as their personal numbers are not shared, that alone has been worth its weight in gold.’’

iPad gift enhances rehab communication and care

The team at Le Marchant Ward, Guernsey’s specialist rehabilitation unit will be able to record patients’ unique care needs thanks to a technology donation from JT’s Community Giving Scheme.

JT has donated four iPads to the ward, responding to a request from nurses for tech solutions to improve patient care communication.

Le Marchant is Guernsey’s specialist assessment and rehabilitation ward providing 24-hour care to patients following a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, falls or post-orthopaedic and general surgery.

Rehabilitation involves different therapies to help patients relearn the movements and skills lost after a serious medical condition such as a stroke.

Olwen Bain-Brehaut, Ward Sister, Le Marchant Ward at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital explains; ‘Each patient will have very different needs, depending on the part of the brain or body affected; therapy involves different nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapist and our dietician, and it evolves as patients improve,’

‘Team members will now be able to assign an iPad to a patient, and record exercises, progress and patient preferences using the digital tools. This means each patient’s personalise care plan can be easily communicated between staff.

‘We are looking forward to seeing how this will improve communication regarding patient care, which is critical to help patients regain independence and quality of life. We are very grateful to the JT Community Giving scheme for this donation.’

Kate Marshall, JT’s Head of Guernsey Enterprise said: ‘As a technology company, we are so pleased to see how tech can make a difference to not only patient care, but to their families and the care team. ‘Seeing simple digital solutions like iPads on the rehabilitation ward is exactly why people at JT are so passionate about what we do.’

The Community Giving scheme is open to all registered charities, schools, and community groups across the Channel Islands that meet at least one of four criteria: community support, digital inclusivity, raising awareness of mental and physical health and wellbeing, and environmental improvement.

Applications and more information can be found here: www.jtglobal.com/community

Transformation and innovation is not a choice, it’s a necessity

When we announced a few months ago that we had formed a partnership with Ericsson, it signalled the beginning of the next stage of substantial investment and transformation in our mobile and fixed line networks across the Channel Islands.

The speed of technological change is constantly accelerating, with new capabilities being rolled out faster every year, it’s important that we keep pace with change and are ready to meet the demands of our customers. Marcus Irwin, Head of Product Innovation, talks to Connect Magazine about our being more than just a telecoms provider, and how today, we are an integral part of the digital transformation era.

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