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UPDATE: First cable fix is on schedule

UPDATE: First cable fix is on schedule

Daragh McDermott, Director of Corporate Affairs for JT, said:
“All traffic is being carried with a limited amount of spare capacity and the level of disruption has been minimal but the situation is far from resolved and we remain on high alert. However, the first cable fix is on schedule.

“As we have said from the start, this is an unprecedented issue and there may be some disruption at peak times. I would again like to thank Islanders for their understanding and we will continue to keep everyone updated. At the current moment in time any disruptions seem to have been very minimal.

“The Cable Ship Wave Sentinel is now working above one of the cables. It has located both ends of the severed cable and will now begin the complicated task of fixing them together. It is still expected that this first cable will be repaired by the beginning of next week.”


Notes to Editors
On Monday late afternoon and evening [28 NOV], three of JT’s four undersea international submarine cables were cut, thought to be caused by a ship dragging its anchor along the seabed.

Note. Please see the resolved undersea cable issue here. We are now happy to announce that the problem has been rectified, after all 3 cables were fixed.