Undersea cables fixed by BT

Undersea cables fixed by BT

All three undersea cables fixed after they were cut by the anchor of a ship in the English Channel on Monday 28 November.  Last weekend, BT coordinated the repair of the first cable. Then the remaining two were reconnected and brought into service this weekend.

This was an unprecedented event and BT worked diligently with the repair organization. But also worked with its agents to repair the submarine cables within a very tight timescale. We are thankful to them for doing so. And, also to the engineers in JT and Sure for working together in a way that ensured there was no noticeable impact on customer services during that time.

This incident demonstrates why investments in multiple links to the UK and France is so important. Especially to the Channel Islands. The islands rely on connectivity. Luckily, we were able to maintain this in the most difficult of circumstances through collaboration and coordination of all 3 parties BT, JT and Sure. They have demonstrated their ability to respond, manage and resolve what could have been a significant, service impacting event in a timely, professional and diligent manner. Thereby, minimising the impact to the Channel Islands.