E-safety top tips on the cards for Les Quennevais new starters

E-safety top tips on the cards for Les Quennevais new starters

E-safety top tips on the cards for Les Quennevais new starters

Thanks to the continued partnership between Les Quennevais School and JT, students joining in September 2019 will not only have a new school uniform as they transition from primary to secondary schooling, they will also have a set of e-safety skills as they begin this new stage of their education.

The Transition Day programme aims to overcome those first day nerves for pupils as they prepare to leave their primary schools and make sure they are familiar and happy with their new surroundings and the new faces that will greet them.

John Assiter, Customer and Digital Services Manager at JT will be speaking to the students and their parents at the briefing on 4th July about the importance and understanding of e-safety, giving an insight into how to stay safe online.

Les Quennevais head-teacher Sarah Hague said that this partnership meant that as well as getting information that would help parents and students feel like part of the Les Quennevais family, they would be getting expert advice on an increasingly important topic.

“Technology and online access are central to enabling learning and open many exciting avenues for our young people, but they do need to know how to use this technology safely and in ways that support their well-being. JT’s presence at our Transition Days furthers our aim to provide our students with the right tools to start secondary school life,” said Mrs Hague.

Tamara O’Brien, Head of Customer Experience at JT said: “Our team hopes to help those attending learn how to strike the right balance between access and e-safety, helping parents understand the ways we can work together to keep our young people safe online and the tools available to help them to do so.

“We’re really excited about partnering with Les Quennevais for a second year, sharing our e-safety knowledge and helping our children make the most of the amazing learning benefits that today’s technology can bring. As a Mum myself I know first-hand how it can sometimes feel like parents are being left behind, but together we can make it less daunting and not just something our kids understand.

At JT we have a range of tools and educational literature to help ensure children are aware of the dangers which can exist. At the evening presentation we plan to share some practical ways to help, demonstrating the Haandle box (exclusive to JT) an affordable piece of technology which allows parents to monitor internet access and the free JT My Account App which includes parental controls.

Socially inclusive access to technology is really important to JT, so we will also be donating JT Smart 2 phones for students whose parents give consent, safety is all about a balance of education, awareness and providing the right tools and we’re pleased to have been invited again to participate in these events.”