Millions of Fon Wi-Fi hotspots FREE to JT customers

Millions of Fon Wi-Fi hotspots FREE to JT customers

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JT has joined forces with Fon, the world’s largest Wi-Fi network. This means that JT fibre broadband customers will be able to move effortlessly from Wi-Fi hotspots FREE, without incurring data roaming charges.

JT has signed a partnership agreement with Fon. Fon’s global community network is based on a simple idea: if users share a bit of their Wi-Fi bandwidth at home, they can then connect for free to others who do the same, anywhere, anytime. By everyone sharing, everyone benefits.

There are now over 20 million Fon Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world now free to JT fibre customers. This includes millions in France and over 500,000 in London alone. Fon’s goal is to cover the world with Wi-Fi. Users will be able to find ‘Fon Spots’ wherever they go. Whether that’s walking down their high street, having a coffee or browsing in a shop.

The way it works is simple. Thanks to smart technology already built into JT customers’ fibre routers. Users who choose to share a small portion of their home service can then use the shared services of others. This means that they all have access to FREE Wi-Fi signals right across the Island. Thus, effectively taking their home service with them when they go out. As well as across the world.

Fon technology creates a second, separate signal that is used for sharing and is suitable for light internet browsing or checking emails. The home user will always have priority, so sharing doesn’t impact on the performance of their home service. Also, they will not incur any extra costs or usage charges. Due to the separate Wi-Fi signal, there are no security implications. The service is completely safe and secure.

Of course, JT fibre broadband customers can decide to opt-out of this free service, and not to share or unlock the potential of Fon. However, that means they also will not be able to use the bandwidth provided by others . Nor can they access the free services while abroad.

Dominic Vye, JT’s Head of Commercial Development, said: “JT has invested heavily to ensure that the Channel Islands have among the fastest broadband and mobile networks in the world. By now adding Fon to the range of benefits only available to JT fibre broadband customers, the islands take another step forward on our digital journey. This partnership will effectively create thousands of FREE Wi-Fi spots by Islanders for Islanders. By sharing a little, we all gain a lot. Not just locally but globally.”

JT is writing to all fibre broadband customers giving them information on how they can access the benefits of Fon from their JT router. So, they can start taking advantage of free Wi-Fi. The service is available to all customers on JT’s fibre network.

The Director of Fon Access, Ricardo Cabornero says, “At Fon we are extremely excited to add a new partner to our global coverage. JT was the best partner to work with in Jersey in terms of density and quality of the network. They provide broadband in the majority of households of the Island. JT will enable up to 25,000 hotspots in 3 years. Fon customers will now also be able to connect to Wi-Fi when they visit the Island and JT customers will be able to roam FREE on Fon hotspots when they travel abroad.”

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About Fon
Fon is a global leader in enhancing Wi-Fi access. Fon was founded in 2006 by Martin Varsavsky as the world’s first Wi-Fi community. For over 10 years we have worked together with leading carriers to build global Wi-Fi networks. We enable carriers to convert Wi-Fi routers into managed Wi-Fi hotspots by splitting the home Wi-Fi signal securely in two. One private and one public. Today, Fon powers more than 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

Fon has two business lines. Fon Network ties together the different carrier and premium networks into one coherent Fon network. Thus, facilitating user roaming between countries and selling access deals to interested parties. Fon Solutions, the technology arm of Fon, offers best-in-class Wi-Fi products and services. Our leading-edge platform enables service providers to configure and operate Wi-Fi services over hotspot networks. Designed with carriers and managed service providers in mind, Fon’s Wi-Fi platform suits the Wi-Fi needs of every business segment that wants to manage Wi-Fi networks.

Fon is backed by major strategic investors like Microsoft-Skype, Google, Qualcomm Ventures, Atomico, Coral Group, Index Ventures, BT, and Deutsche Telekom. Our vision is to be always on, always on the move. For more information, please visit