Pippa Donavan CX Under 30

JT’s Pippa shines in CX Network’s ‘Top 30 under 30’

JT’s Pippa shines in CX Network’s ‘Top 30 under 30’

Pippa Donovan, Digital Customer Experience co-ordinator at JT, has been identified as one of the ‘Top 30 under 30’ in her field.

Pippa (27) makes the list of ‘Rising Customer Experience Super Stars’ compiled by the CX Network. The Network is the leading online resource for senior customer experience, service, insight, digital and marketing decision makers.

The global list includes professionals from as far afield as Russia, the United States and the Philippines.

Pippa is responsible for collating all customer experience data at JT.  Hence, she ensures that JT’s high standards of customer service are maintained. Also she is also central in helping deliver the company’s overall customer experience strategy. As part of JT’s dedicated Customer Experience team she helps ensure that it extends to every part of the business.

A Unified Customer Experience

Tamara O’Brien, Head of Customer Experience at JT and a member of the CX Network, said; “Pippa’s inclusion on this prestigious list is well deserved. So, we recognise her great work and commitment to helping us deliver a unified customer experience across our organisation. Therefore, we are focused on delighting our customers, from the call-centre team to the engineers on the ground, to our finance teams. Hence, as a team we represent the voice of the customer across our business helping ensure their needs are a priority in shaping the products and services we deliver. Pippa is a passionate and energetic contributor who always puts our customers first. A high level of customer care has also been an essential part of our ground-breaking project to connect every property in Jersey to our full-fibre network. This is also very near completion and will be a global first.”

The CX Network 30 Under 30 Rising Customer Experience Super Stars list can be found here.


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