The Tech for Jersey Live, a weekend of unforgettable live music

The Tech for Jersey Live, a weekend of unforgettable live music

As the Island reflects on another successful Jersey Live weekend, including unforgettable performances from Richard Ashcroft, Madness and Disclosure; headline sponsor JT reveals the technology statistics behind the CI’s biggest music event.

  On JT’s mobile network:

  • 45,418 voice calls made from the venue
  • 169 GB of 4G data used over the weekend. Equivalent to uploading 114,937 photos to Facebook, 68,962 minutes of browsing the internet or 86,203 minutes of streaming music.

On JT’s FREE Wi-Fi provided across the site:

  • 27 Wi-Fi spots & over 700M of fibre installed
  • 3,087 unique devices connected, with 867 GB of data transferred. Equivalent for example to downloading 1156 CD’s

Social media: Snapchat was the No.1 social media platform used by 917 different people.

Tamara O’Brien, Head of Marketing for JT, said: “These stats tell the real story behind Jersey Live. Thousands of people gathered in one place, for the CI’s biggest music event and turned to social media to share their experiences in real-time. Getting the most from the technology we provided. There are big numbers here. We’re proud to have supported the demand for so much data over the weekend.

“The mobile data used on Saturday alone was the equivalent of 53,000 MP3 files. Thus, showing just how much festival-goers enjoyed sharing their photos and videos. Especially on their social channels, by using our fastest 4G network.  Many of them also took advantage of our recent network upgrade providing up to 30% faster 4G speeds on the latest handsets.  Interestingly, Snapchat has now overtaken other platforms allowing people to share videos and images instantly. This will continue to drive demand for seamless data services like those we provided this weekend.  Once again Jersey Live attracted record numbers and it was great to ensure everyone could stay connected throughout. As well as our role in supporting the local music talent, which got a chance to play through the Battle of the Bands competition we supported.”


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