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A full week of events in the CI for National Coding Week

A full week of events in the CI for National Coding Week

The third annual National Coding Week, organised by Codex and sponsored by JT, will this year involve hundreds of events across the UK, Australia and the Channel Islands.

Highlights of the Channel Islands event programme include the return of FREE coding workshops. This includes coding for the unemployed, in addition to careers advice sessions, Google Analytics workshops, craft and digital design workshops. There’s also a three-day Robot Challenge culminating in the first Digital ACE Robo-wars.

Taking place from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September, the objective of the Week is to encourage people to try their hand at digital skills. From learning the basics of coding and app development, to digital design and online marketing.

The workshops are all free to attend. But, they’re offered on a first come first served basis so be quick. Register online at: www.nationalcodingweek.com

A Willingness to learn

National Coding Week organiser, Richard Rolfe said: “All we ask is for attendees to bring a willingness to learn and keep an open mind. If they do so, they will reap the benefits that these fantastic events can offer. National Coding Week has grown across the UK with hundreds of events. We are absolutely delighted to see so many new people and organisations involved locally in helping us to develop digital skills among the wider population. We want to make events that are designed to be inclusive and pitch them to all levels. The Robot Challenge in Guernsey promises to bring a completely new flavor to the week’s line-up. I’d like to thank everyone involved for creating a week of exciting events.”

Something for Every Age and Ability

Tamara O’Brien, Head of Marketing, Brand and Distribution, of sponsor JT said: “National Coding Week 2016 looks set to offer something for every age and ability.  Therefore we hope, for some Islanders, it will provide a first point of entry into a digital career. So, that’s just one of the reasons we offer our support to the team. Hence, we want to help make the digital sector accessible for people of all ages and levels of experience. It’s great to see National Coding Week kicking off again with workshops hosted by Richard Rolfe, on the 15th and 16th September in both Jersey and Guernsey. It looks set to be the biggest and best National Coding Week.”

All workshops are also delivered in-kind by industry professionals from the Islands’ leading digital businesses. Such as, Switch Digital, C5 Alliance, Codex, Cobra Coding, The Potting Shed , Web Reality and JT.

Events are at a number of venues across the islands. They are supported by JT, Digital Jersey, Digital Greenhouse Guernsey, Barclays, The British Computing Society, The Guille Alles Library, The GTA and College of Further Education, States of Guernsey and the States of Jersey.



For further information please contact Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email pauline@directinput.je

Notes to editors
JT Guernsey Workshop will take place on the 15th September 6, 2016, at JT’s High Street Office.
JT Jersey Workshop will take place on the 16th September, 2016, at JT’s Grenville Street Office.

National Coding Week. The week-long event offers adults an insight into digital industries. It is set to return for the third time in 2016. With events planned up and down the country, this will give adults an opportunity to learn how to write computer code. And potentially, open the door to a new career.

National Coding Week will take place from September 19th – 23rd

For more information go to www.nationalcodingweek.com

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