JT nominated for telecoms ‘Oscar’

JT nominated for telecoms ‘Oscar’

JT has been nominated for telecoms, World Communications Award. The ‘Oscars’ of the telecommunications industry.

Global giants such as BT, AT&T, Vodafone and Telstra have also been nominated for various awards. ‘Best Connectivity Solution’ is the category JT has been shortlisted in.

The World Communication Awards is the largest awards ceremony in global telecoms. During a ceremony in London in November, the winners will be announced.

Its ground-breaking Open Roaming M2M solution means JT has been shortlisted for the award. This is a managed IoT* network service which enables machines to communicate with each other via a mobile SIM card. The JT service is currently powering over a million devices worldwide. This includes payment systems in Africa to taxi and private hire firms in the UK.

JT is also in the process of integrating alternative connectivity services into its platform including the Channel Island’s first LoRa** network. This is due to launch by the end of this year.

Open Roaming

‘Open Roaming’ means that data can travel via any mobile network. Information, therefore, can travel down a multitude of routes and bypass any points of failure should they occur. Data isn’t ‘steered’ down a particular operator’s network. As, this can lead to device and connectivity problems.

In some cases, JT’s Open Roaming M2M solution is literally having a life-changing impact. Last year, JT won a contract to supply SIM cards connecting heart rate monitors in patients to special monitoring equipment for a company in Canada. This provides a real-time information feed which has the potential to save lives. Over 34,000 patients have already been connected.

Therefore, this one example shows how JT’s M2M Open Roaming solution enables a business to connect with its customers. So, even customers who are spread across an entire country, and deliver reassurance to patients that their health is monitored 24 hours a day.

Tom Noel, Managing Director of JT’s Wholesale Division, said: “It is a great honour just to be shortlisted in the industry’s most prestigious awards. It’s another example of JT being a market-leading partner of choice for global telecoms innovation. The Machine to Machine space is moving very quickly and JT is at the forefront of delivering these services to a worldwide customer base.”


Notes to Editors

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* Internet of Things: a network of devices, vehicles, buildings and other items which are able to connect with each other to collect and exchange data automatically.

** LoRa (LongRange): an advanced technology which allows ten-year battery life in a vast array of sensors for use in agriculture, smart buildings, smart cities and manufacturing. All of these provide cost savings and new efficiencies.