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JT updates its billing and charging

JT updates its billing and charging

JT is updating the way billing and charging is done, to make sure that it reflects changing behaviour. The majority of JT customers now pay their Bills via Direct debit. Customers are increasingly opting to save paper and sign-up to receiving their bill online or via email. This is straight-forward, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

As numbers choosing this free option have grown, the cost of sending paper bills to a diminishing minority has increased. So, following most telecoms providers and utilities in the British Isles JT will be introducing a small charge for paper bills and non-Direct Debit payments.

From 28 April 2017, customers will still be able to receive paper bills. However, they will be charged £1.25 per bill. Those choosing to make a non-Direct Debit payment (by cash, cheques, cards or online) will be charged £1.25 per payment.

JT will continue to offer all options of paying or receiving a bill. But, they strongly recommend customers to opt for the free means of paying and receiving a bill. JT is prepared to help anyone who wants to set up an email address and/or access its online portal or mobile app.

Benefitting Every JT Customer

Dominic Vye, Head of Commercial Development at JT, said: “Sending paper bills and administering non-Direct Debit payments as well as chasing late payment, now costs JT over £1m a year. That is money we could reinvest to provide better products and services that can benefit every JT customer.

“By encouraging more efficient means of receiving and paying a bill, we will improve the efficiency of our operations. Thus freeing up resources to invest elsewhere. For example, in continuing to invest in the quality of our network.

“It is also estimated that moving to paperless billing and paying will save 100’s of trees from being chopped down each year. So, this change has clear positive environmental benefits.

“We are currently contacting relevant customers to explain the options. And are making them aware of these changes ahead of time, offering assistance.”



Issued by Julien Morel at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email julien@directinput.je for more information.

JT has actively engaged with relevant stakeholders to explain the changes in more detail. These include Age Concern, Citizens’ Advice Bureau , Trading Standards and the Jersey Consumer Council.

Customers with any questions can call 882882 (and press option 2 and then 4) or, if they prefer can pop in to the JT’s Queen Street store between 5.30 pm and 7 pm on a Thursday evening to discuss the options in more detail. Alternatively, customers can visit www.jtglobal.com/billing for more information.