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The CI’s fastest network just got 30% quicker

The CI’s fastest network just got 30% quicker

Customers accessing JT’s 4G mobile network in the Channel Islands using the latest mobile handsets are now experiencing the fastest network. Thanks to a software upgrade JT has recently undertaken.

JT’s 4G network was recently independently proven by almost 600 Islanders to be the fastest. Even better, with the scheduled upgrade it further improves the customer experience.

In technical terms, the upgrade means that users of the most popular and high-spec handsets, like the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7, are now able to enjoy an even quicker mobile experience. Typically up to 30% faster than before. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S7 speeds of up to 300Mb/s are now achievable. Meaning this is a new maximum speed that is better than double that of the other providers in the Channel Islands.

When it Comes to Connectivity, Speed is Vital

Thierry Berthouloux, JT’s Chief Technology and Information Officer, said: “When it comes to mobile connectivity, speed is vital. We’re delighted to bring more good news to our mobile customers. Thus, enabling them to experience even faster download speeds using their mobile devices. The Channel Islands have one of the highest penetrations of smartphones in the developed world, and so providing customers with improvements to our network wherever we see an opportunity is something we will continue to do through investment and staying ahead of the latest technology.

“This latest upgrade will be especially useful for anyone who relies on their mobile to do business on the go. Keeping them connected at the best possible speeds wherever they are. It will also be great news for festival-goers at JT sponsored Jersey Live in September, allowing music lovers to download/stream and do more than ever on their mobiles. We were the first network to complete this in the Channel Islands. It is still part of our on-going work and investment in our network alongside our partner, ZTE. Therefore, ensuring our customers have access to the very best network we can provide.”


Issued by Pauline Ramskill at Direct Input. Telephone 01534 735253 or email pauline@directinput.je

Notes to Editor

  • The 30% faster speeds are achievable when using JT’s 4G network and a category 6 (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6S) or category 9 (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S7) handset.
  • The previous maximum speed achieved on the JT 4G network was 225Mb/s. Since the upgrade customers could potentially get up to 300Mb/s.
  • The upgrade has made improvement to the speeds for the Carrier Aggregation feature which allows handsets to use more than one frequency band at a time (JT has three bands: 800, 1800 & 2600). Category 6 phones can join two bands together and category 9 phones can join three bands.