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UPDATE: First cable has been fixed despite poor weather

UPDATE: First cable has been fixed despite poor weather

Daragh McDermott, Director of Corporate Affairs for JT, said: “The first cable has been fixed. This is one of three cables that were cut by a ship’s anchor last Monday. The rest of the cables are scheduled to be repaired early next week.

“The weather has been poor in the Channel this weekend so the CS Wave Sentinel, which is repairing the first cable, took the opportunity to sail to Brest to pick up equipment necessary to repair the second cable. Thankfully, conditions have now improved so the ship has returned to finish repairs to the first cable and now has the materials to move quickly on to the second.

“We are pleased to confirm that we are continuing to carry all traffic and that the level of disruption has been minimal but, as you would expect, we remain on high alert. We thank all of our customers for their understanding. Although we are very pleased to say that the disruption has been very minimal, if not unnoticeable. We’re pleased to announce the cable has been fixed.

“Once again, I would again like to thank Islanders for their understanding and we will continue to keep everyone updated.”

Please keep an eye on our website for continuing updates on the situation, or contact us for more information.


Notes to Editors
Last Monday, [28 NOV], three of JT’s four undersea international submarine cables were cut, thought to be caused by a ship dragging its anchor along the seabed. One cable has now been fixed, ensuring that the cables will soon be in full operation again.

Notes. The issue has now been fully rectified please click here to see more about the resolution.