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UPDATE: First cable is repaired

UPDATE: First cable is repaired

Daragh McDermott, Director of Corporate Affairs for JT, said:
“Today [TUESDAY 6 DECEMBER], the first of three cables that were cut by a ship’s anchor last Monday was repaired by the specialist cable repair ship, CS Wave Sentinel. We are now working with BT and Sure as now the cable is repaired we want to bring it back into service.

“We completed splicing (joining) the fibres in the submarine cable this afternoon. Now, we are carefully bringing the cable back online. Thereby,  increasing the levels of resilience we provide.

“The CS Wave Sentinel is moving on to repair the damage to one of the two remaining cables. This is located some 100 km away. A second cable ship, Pierre de Fermat1, has already started to repair the final damaged cable. We expect all the work to be completed by early next week. And we expect further resilience and capacity restored at that point.

“We were able to move quickly to address this unprecedented issue. Therefore, we have kept disruption to a largely unnoticeable, absolute minimum. Many people have also been involved in keeping the islands connected. However, I would especially like to thank the engineering teams in Sure and JT for their hard work during this extremely challenging period. And, of course, our customers for their understanding.”


1 The cable ship, Pierre de Fermat, had been working on other telecom submarine cables damaged as part of this same incident.

Notes. The cable has now been fully repaired.