JT and States of Guernsey work together to minimise disruption

JT and States of Guernsey work together to minimise disruption

The essential work due to begin later this month on La Grande Rue in St Martin is part of JT’s commitment to bring its fibre network to more parts of the community, improving the island’s critical infrastructure.

JT has worked very closely with the States’ Traffic and Highway Services (THS) team who facilitate essential works within the road through road closures and/or traffic management systems. This ensures that the island’s extensive programme of improvements, vital to the community, remains on track. The work, which will last for seven weeks, has been carefully planned and split into phases to keep disruption to a minimum.

Paul Taylor, Managing Director JT Guernsey, said: “We do understand that any disruption to our routines and lives is unwelcome, and together with the States of Guernsey we are working hard to make sure that this essential work causes as little inconvenience as possible.

The last eighteen months have shown us how vitally important it is to have good connectivity. It’s been a lifeline that has enabled us to stay connected to the outside world, to carry on working, keep in touch with isolated loved ones and enabled our children to continue learning.

Over the next year JT Guernsey will invest an additional £1.7m on top of the £16m already spent on Guernsey’s fibre network to meet the growth in demand for fast, reliable connectivity. To help Guernsey ‘Build back better’ and benefit from rapid advances in technology, some short-term disruption is unfortunately, necessary. This type of connectivity offers multiple benefits to businesses and their customers and is an essential investment if we are to  future proof our island and our local businesses. JT will be in contact with those businesses impacted to discuss the details of the road closures and also explain the benefits of the new technology. However, any business who is interested in getting connected to JT’s fibre network and taking advantage of the benefits of fibre for their business, whilst we are in the area, is encouraged to contact the JT team as soon as possible and email us gsyplanningteam@jtglobal.com.’’

Karl Guille, Director of Traffic & Highway Services, States of Guernsey said: “Roadworks are an inevitable consequence of the requirement to maintain the services that are needed by households and businesses. THS has the challenging task of endeavouring to manage the requirement to maintain vast networks of infrastructure across the island and to co-ordinate works in such a way as to minimise disruption.

“We are very aware of the traffic management and road safety impacts when the Grande Rue is closed. The work has therefore been planned for school holidays when traffic volumes are usually at their lowest. Closure of the Grande Rue, especially during term time, creates very high traffic volumes in the lanes nearby, which are less able to safely accommodate as many vehicles as the main road.

“These lanes are the routes along which primary school aged children would ordinarily be cycling and walking at the start and end of the school day. This was therefore the most significant consideration in determining the scheduled timing of the works.

“As always, we apologise for any inconvenience caused while we facilitate these works.”

The scheduled works will begin on Monday 19 July and are expected to be completed on or before Friday 3 September. The work will be split into 5 phases and while there may be times when vehicle access isn’t possible to individual properties, every effort will be made to work with property owners to keep that disruption as short as possible. All Businesses and people living in the area have already received full details of the works direct from JT Guernsey with contact details for anyone who may have questions about the planned roadworks.