Le Quennevais School

JT supports transition programme at Les Quennevais School

JT supports transition programme at Les Quennevais School

Forming a new and unique partnership, JT is sponsoring next month’s Year 6 Transition Programme at Les Quennevais School. This ensures that students arriving in September already feel part of the school family.

All students who will be joining Year 7 in September 2018 are invited to a briefing at the school, with their parents, on Thursday 5 July. They will be formally welcomed by the Headteacher, Sarah Hague, and her team. Part of the evening meeting with parents will be dedicated to an increasingly important part of school life today: the importance and understanding of e-safety. This is why Les Quennevais and JT have partnered to give parents and their children an insight into how to stay safe online.

Supporting Parents and Children in e-safety

Mrs Hague said: “Our new partnership with JT is an exciting development as we work together to nurture, inspire and develop next year’s intake into what will become, the class of 2023! We are particularly keen to support parents and their children in e-safety. It formed a small part of the briefing last year and the feedback from parents was that they found it particularly useful in a world where technology now plays such a pivotal role within our schools in supporting and enabling learning. This year school leaders and experts in this area from JT will expand on helping parents understand the ways we can work together to keep our young people safe online and the tools available to help them to do so.”

JT’s Haandle box

Tamara O Brien, Head of Customer Experience at JT said: “We welcome this new opportunity to partner with Les Quennevais School. As a responsible provider we have always taken our responsibility seriously in playing our part to help educate. We aim to enable parents and children to be aware of how to stay safe online. And provide tools and educational literature to help ensure children are made aware of the dangers which can exist. We also provide leading edge equipment to enable parents. They can stay in control of what their children are accessing to help protect them. At this transition briefing we will be demonstrating some practical ways to help. This includes the Haandle box, exclusive to JT, an affordable piece of technology which allows parents to control internet access. We also offer controls within the exclusive free JT apps.

One of our presentation team, Zac Parrish, is a former Les Quennevais student. So he’s looking forward to sharing his own experiences and answering any questions. Recognising the importance of technology in education. We’ll also be donating some JT Smart 2 phones to students for use, of course with their parents’ consent. E-safety is all about a balance of education, awareness and providing the right tools. We’re excited to participate in this event.”


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