Four billion mobile transactions

JT processes four billion mobile transactions in 2017

JT processes four billion mobile transactions in 2017

JT is now ranked among the global leaders for managing text messages on behalf of business customers having processed a record-breaking four billion mobile transactions in 2017.

The Channel Islands’ only locally owned telecoms company has built long-term partnerships with many international mobile network operators. It has signed more than 750 roaming agreements to allow its customers to connect wherever they are in the world. Building on those networks, JT has developed products to help other operators monetise their own services. One of these is messaging for texts (SMS) and ‘Home Location Registers’ (HLR). This allows carriers to determine the home country and network of a mobile subscriber. JT provides portability information for routing of messages purposes. Thus, making sure that carriers send messages in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

In the Business of Messaging

Tom Noel, Managing Director of JT International, the division responsible for growing the group’s global business, said: “JT has been in the business of messaging since its conception and has been one of the industry’s leading pioneers. Reaching four billion transactions is a significant milestone for us. It moves us closer to our goal of becoming the Operator of Operators for Messaging.

“Despite the growth of services such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, messaging remains preferred method to reach a customer. Big players like Google, Facebook and Apple all use it. It provides two-factor authentication. Chatbots are also becoming popular, especially in call-centre environments. Although some people have predicted the end of messaging, it is very much alive and well, and our growth confirms this.”

As well as messaging, JT International has also developed niche products in the areas of global roaming, fraud protection and the Internet of Things (IoT).


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