JT reflects on a year of giving and looks forward to new partnerships

JT reflects on a year of giving and looks forward to new partnerships

In 2022 JT’s people chose to support charities linked to autism and helped to raise over £40,000 across the locations where JT is based, with one of those benefitting being Autism Jersey.

With some support and several tech donations from JT, Autism Jersey organised many successful events and together produced a short JT Presents video to help spread awareness of the incredible personalised services and support the AJ team offer to autistic individuals of all ages, their families, and carers within our local community.

It was also the year when JT marked a decade of sponsoring the Autism Jersey Annual Golf Tournament which to date has raised nearly two hundred thousand pounds for people on the Autism spectrum, their families and carers in Jersey.

Lesley Harrison, Head of Charitable Services at Autism Jersey, said: ““We’ve had the amazing opportunity of working with the JT team over the past 12 months on a wide range of activities. Together we’ve not only raised funds and awareness of what we do but we’ve also been able to increase the product offering in the AJ Boutique on the Parade thanks to the generous donation of some of JT’s surplus stock. It’s been a really successful partnership, helping us to drive real change for autistic people and their families and we are very grateful for their fundraising, support and general ‘can do attitude.’’

JT also supports the charity challenges its own people take on. Whether they are abseiling, running marathons or organising jumble sales, what they raise is matched pound for pound. And, to spread its help and assistance across more not-for-profit organisations, schools and community groups, it has launched JT Community Giving which will be its main charitable focus from now on. The first round of applications has closed with 28 successful bids from across the Channel Islands set to receive help ranging from funding, devices, subscriptions and technical support to hands-on help from some of JT’s many willing volunteers.

Pip Carpenter, Head of Commercial Market, said: “The fantastic work that Autism Jersey does touches the lives of so many people and we are delighted that we have played a part in supporting this vital service. I’m so proud of everything that we’ve collectively achieved. The launch of JT Community Giving will help us to extend our support to lots more deserving causes. We’ve been truly overwhelmed by the number of applications received so far, and it’s great to see some of the deeply thoughtful projects already in plan for 2023 that we can help with. Being part of a community unites us all and I’m delighted that we can help in so many ways through our new scheme.’’